Hanna Andersson PJs


People might think I’m crazy when they hear how many pairs of Hanna Andersson pajamas my kids have… and they might be right but I wanted to explain a few things about my cult love for them.

  1. They are made from organic cotton so not only are they soft and every wash they feel softer, you can also feel good about what is next to your baby’s skin.
  2. They don’t shrink!! Yes throw those bad boys in the dryer and don’t worry about it, a few of these pairs were hand me downs from sister and several were purchased used and they all fit the same.
  3. They hold their value, say what? If you are already in the BST world you probably know about Hanna PJs because they are so well loved for the quality but also resell value. Typically I try to buy them on sale new for about around $25-$35 depending on the print and long johns vs short johns. Then after my kids outgrown them, at this point is after about 1-2 years (they size by metric height instead of weight) I can resell them between $15-$25.
  4. The prints are ADORABLE! They not only have favorites like trains, dinosaurs, unicorns, mermaids and classic stripes but they also partner with brands like Star Wars and Disney for unique prints each season.

So this weekend they are having 30% off everything, including some of the branded PJs that are not always included in sales plus FREE shipping over $100. This is also a big deal because Hanna Andersson has been known for rarely having free shipping and most of the time it is close to about $11-$17 so grab your pjs when they ship for free. If you are a new customer use the code IMAGINE15 to stack an additional 15% off.

They also have baby and family sets here is my little guy sporting them when he was in the smallest size! IMG_0525

Hugs, Ry


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