It’s 100 degrees so I’m wearing…

Ok it’s been fun trying on all these cute fall clothes in the Nordstrom sale but ya’ll it’s over 100 degrees here in DFW. It’s freaking hot and I’m not wearing any of that for at least a few more months so let’s chat about what I’m wearing right now…SHORTS!!!

I have been through several brands and fits over the years but this year I found the Vineyard Vines 3.5 inch every day short and I do wear them almost every day so it’s a good name. I love the 3.5 in length because I have shorter legs so on me anything past 4 inches seems too long but anything shorter than 3.5 inches I’m pulling out of my sweaty thighs. They have a great balance of thigh room yet not too big around the waist, plus with that 2% spandex they have some give as you are bending down picking toys off the floor… for the hundredth time.


Vineyard Vines 3.5 inch every day short/ Gibson x Hi Sugarplum Bonita Ruffle tank / Kendra Scott Kirsten Drop Earrings

Vineyard Vines has a great selection of colors (10 solids) plus cute prints (the Nautilus and Pineapple are adorable and on sale for $54.99). Today if you live in Texas, Missouri or Colorado you can buy and donate a Vineyard Vines Hat and get 20% off your purchase in store so it’s a great time to stock up on these!

vineyard vines


Capri Blue looks cute with the Kendra Scott Nordstrom sale earrings!

So put away all those cardigans, it’s still shorts weather ladies!! Tell me if these are your favorite  on Facebook and Instagram!

Hugs, Ry

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