BTS- Lice?!

No no no we do not have lice in our house… thank God! It is back to school time and with a little girl with long hair going into the first grade I start thinking germs, lice and colds. Maybe it’s just that I’m paranoid but I would much rather be pro-active then live through the nightmare of lice.

Over the summer we have been doing a ton of summing and it has done a number on my little girl’s hair so we have been trying a bunch of brands to see what will help repair her hair and has lice prevention as we go back to school. Here is what we have tried and HONEST opinions on all!


Beauty Counter Kids– We have been using this stuff for a few years now and really love it, but as we swam and swam it could not keep my daughter’s hair from the tangled mess that the chorine was doing. Also it does not have any ingredients that directly repel lice so little brother is using the stash.


TIGI Totally Beachin Shampoo & Conditioner- This really helped repair my daughter’s hair from all the swimming, her hair was softer and less of a tangled mess but nothing helping lice control. It smells good and we will continue to use up the travel size that we purchased when we go to the beach. Plus we bought it in a set that has a fun beach spray gel that works well with little brother’s hair so it was still a great purchase.


Glop & Glam– We tried the travel size of their candy apple moisturizing shampoo and the cake batter hydrating conditioner at the recommendation of the kids hair salon that my son goes to. The set also came with a travel size of the creamsicle mist moisturizing detangler which we had already been using and LOVE! This definitely helped with tangles and softening her swimmers hair but what really made a difference was when we would use the Coconut Dream leave-in conditioner I even had a family member say “What is she putting in her hair it’s so shiny!” This line I have really liked because it checks all the mommy boxes:

✅ Paraben, sulfate & alcohol free

✅ Natural lice preventative ingredients

✅ Tear Free

✅ Founded by a Mom that promotes diversity


Finally their blueberry blast clarifying shampoo is back in stock and we just picked up some up. It does really strip away the gunk so conditioning is completely needed  but her hair was soft and manageable. The best part of this brand is it features natural lice preventative ingredients. Their website states: “proven, chemical free combatants to lice and the evolving strains of ‘super lice’ which have been proven to be resistant to traditional treatments.  The organic tea tree oils and neem oils are proven lice fighters and can be found in the Candy Apple and Blueberry Blast Shampoos, Cake Batter Conditioner and Creamsicle Mist Detangling Spray.” So this has been the only line that is addressing clarifying and lice control….YAAASSSS!!!!!


FairyTales Clarifying Shampoo– To be honest we have not tried their entire line, I take that back we might have.. I kind of remember it in our bathroom but I never re-bought so I guess it didn’t do much. We did try the Clarifying Shampoo last summer due to swimming and I felt like it stripped her hair a little too much and made it more tangled that when we started so it’s been sitting in our bathroom cabinet.


Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel conditioning spray– I think I bought this the very first day I saw a sign go up on a day care door that said “lice” Aaahhhhhh!!!!!  I went running to the hills (or to a salon to find what they had to prevent) I love this because even if you are using another line for shampoo and conditioner I was given the best tip which is- SPRAY THE BACKPACK!!! Yes when kiddos are in school and they may not be rubbing against the kid with lice their back pack might be, so spray it down with this nice smelling rosemary and you are helping deter lice from walking into your life! It really does a great job as a detangler and spray in conditioner as well.


I still can’t believe that our summer is almost over and school is about to start. I feel like I am in nesting mode all over again of preparing for my first to enter into “real school” but just like having a baby… at the end of the day you just wing it!

Hugs, Ry

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