Back to School- Snacks

In our house we do our best to teach our kids about making good food choices but my husband swears that they inherited my “hangry” gene so having ready to go snacks is essential. Since school is starting soon we need quick snacks to throw into lunch boxes or grab before we run out the door for an activity. I absolutely love this divided turntable to store pantry snacks that the kids can grab on their own. Each section holds a good amount of items (13 Cliff Bars, 12 fruit snacks, 5-6 apple sauces and 11 goldfish packs) and for the bulkier things like Veggie Straws and Pirate Booty we use the Linus Stacking Bins that have high sides to keep it all in but a low front for little hands (quick tip load these one up one down to get as many as possible in)!

Here are some of our favorite Subscribe and Save snacks:


Now I understand that teaching good food choices also means veggies and proteins. So we talk about “refrigerator” vs. “pantry” snacks and we try and switch it up, if they just had some goldfish next they need to have a fridge snack. Typically I try and keep cut up cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, baby carrots, apples, jicama sticks, energy balls and mini mozzarella balls  in our fridge for ready to go refrigerator snacks.

Well shoot now I’m hungry.. what should I grab πŸ™‚

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Hugs, Ry

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