My Madewell Tote journey

In my community there is an amazing group of ladies called “the purse club” I met a few of them last year as I was trying to branch out and meet new women in DFW. It is the most amazing idea of going once a month to a high end luxury purse store (like Louis Vuitton) and purchasing minimal gift cards ($100-$200) during this time we look around, try different purses, maybe sip a little champagne and chat. At the end of the year you have saved a good chunk towards one of those beauties without shelling out the $2k at one time. Since I jumped into purse club late many of the ladies had already grabbed their prize purse, then the holidays hit and it was impossible to get back on a monthly routine. So for a few months now I’ve been wanting a new purse but still hadn’t decided on a high dollar item when I fell in love with the Madewell Totes.

Now that more of my daily outfits are on the casual side I liked the look of an all leather brown that could be versatile for the fall. I looked at both The Medium Transportation Tote and the new Zip-Top Transport Carryall.

I was worried when I originally looked at the Medium Transportation Tote that it would be too small for the amount of things that I end up carrying on a daily basis plus the randoms that get thrown in my purse by the kids. I ended up bringing home The Zip-Top Transport Carryall and it was just much taller than the Tory Burch I had been used to so I decided to see what could fit in the Medium.


I was surprised that it easily fit my makeup bag (mesh so I can see what is going on) my monogrammed emergency kit, wallet, mini wallet, 2 pairs of sunglasses, two iPads, Triceratops and a random car (small child did not fit). Since it also has the cross body strap for the times when I need to throw a kid into a car I was sold!  They have a great selection of colors (even an incredible yellow and beautiful light pink!)


Since I was in Madewell already I had to check out what was new in the world of my favorite Whisper Cotton shirts and I fell in love with this white and nutmeg stripe. It reminds me of everything pumpkin spice and UT football (Hook Em’) so I had to grab it as well.


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Main photo by Regan Morton Photography

Hugs, Ry



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