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Last year we had a huge decision to send our daughter to public school for Kindergarten or keep her one more year at our beloved Primrose School. We enrolled her for both, I bought back to school items (the for public school) and uniforms (for private school) truly my heart was torn. It came down to her forming a special bond with her teacher who would be transitioning to the Kindergarten class with her in the fall. This teacher was kind, loving and brought out the best in my daughter I could not have imagined how much she would grow in her confidence in one year. During my indecision time I did a ton of research and tried out different back to school items, today I want to tell you how we ended up falling in love with the Bentgo box. 

We already had the Pottery Barn Kids Classic lunch bag so I knew that whatever I was going to get needed to fit in there. We tried the Pottery Barn Spencer Bento Box, Rubbermaid LunchBlox and the Bentgo Childrens Lunch Box.

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When I first set out the Pottery Barn boxes were an obvious choice because they fit well in the bags. They closed well but did not have any sealing system that would keep leaky things separate. Also I found these tough to hand wash because of the square corners and they were awkward if I wanted to put the entire thing in the dishwasher since the top is attached and would take up my entire top rack. 

The next set we had before we purchased the Pottery Barn Kids Classic lunch bag but they were in the cabinet so I figured I would try them out because we already had them! The issue with the Rubbermaid LunchBlox set that we had is that they are designed to have an ice pack in-between the top and bottom containers making this too high to fit into our lunch bag. I have not tried their Flat Lunch Bag kit but I started reading stories about how kids have limited time for lunch and I didn’t want her wasting time trying to get several tops open of containers.

Finally I landed on the Bentgo Children’s Lunch Box (different from the Bentgo Fresh which has less compartments). I liked the easy to lock tabs and the lift out tray. The insert is dishwasher safe and fits easily where I put plates so I was happy that I did not have to hand wash every nook of this. These were part of Amazon Prime Day last year so I grabbed a few on sale plus the individual trays for easy meal prep. Through the year we have used these A TON! I am always surprised on how much food can fit in this thing. The only drawback that I have heard is that it does not fit a full sandwich, but my kids have never been big on them so there was no love lost for me.

The new molded interior of the Pottery Barn Classic Lunch Bag makes it a bit harder to slip the Bentgo box in, it fits but at a slight angle (our older style PBK Classic did not have the molded interior and it fits perfect). We ended up grabbing the PBK Cold pack lunch bag this year and LOVE how it fits in the bag plus room for the frozen cold pack and other snacks on top. 6HoDEIsNStuAnfApq5gvCA

I know there are already kiddos back to school and so many more start in the next few weeks. I hope that all your kiddos have an awesome year and LOVE their classroom and teachers!

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Hugs, Ry


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