The battle of the sweater blazer

I was in J.Crew doing an exchange and the wonderful saleswoman was wearing the Sophie Sweater Blazer with a cute denim shirt and I thought “well that’s cute”. Then I overheard the woman checking out next to me saying, “yes it’s my third color I just love this sweater blazer” and realized she was talking about the same dang thing. So I looked at her and said “ok, is it really that good’? She and the J.Crew employee then proceeded to tell me that it’s awesome and that they keep selling out of sizes but just got more in.


The saleswoman suggested to go down a size and for me I am almost always a large in J.Crew so I pulled out the medium in Khaki (for reference I’m 5’5 typically size 10/12).  It fit well so I purchased it and figured I would just take it home and see what I would wear it with. I took a quick picture and asked my Facebook Tribe.. yay or nay and it was a resounding yay. My friends over at BestieDressed have loved the J.Crew Factory version so then I got thinking ok what makes these two sweater blazers different since there is a BIG difference in price.


J.Crew Retail Store Sophie Sweater Blazer


Let me be honest, I did not want to like this one because it is twice the price of the factory version ($138) although this style is nothing like anything I have in my closet. It is almost a hybrid between a cardigan and a blazer. It is definitely longer than the factory version and a more roomy/ boxy even in a medium. I have seen this styled casual as well as with a professional work dress and both look amazing. The sleeves on this style are considerably shorter than the factory version but still hit right at my wrist so it can be worn rolled or down. Also the sleeves are not tapered like a typical blazer as you can see in the side by side pic they are uniform all the way down making it a bit easier to layer a long sleeve under it. This style also has a wider lapel that tends to lay flat when you wear it but could be popped up if that’s the look you are going for.

J.Crew Factory Sweater Blazer


Again I wanted to love this one, I wanted it to be exactly like the full price version but friends it is not. This sweater blazer is more blazer than cardigan. It is shorter, with buttons and tapered, longer arms. I did have a few issues with this since I ordered it also in a medium and in that size it was tight, there was no way I could have layered a long sleeve under it. Also the collar wants to stand up, which is fine but I like the look of a typical blazer with the lapel down and this one would not do that. The final strike was the color, I wanted to wear it with my favorite Target leopard loafers and this khaki is much lighter making it not as good of a match.


My final decision is to return the factory version in the medium khaki, although since they are doing 30% off with code FALLFUN making this sweater blazer under $50 I think the navy and grey would be great staples for a business casual wardrobe but get it in your typical J.Crew size (mine being a large). For the J.Crew retail version I was lucky enough to grab it 30% off during their VIP sale so it’s a keeper. Unfortunately I have not seen any recent promotions that have included this style but you know as soon as I see one I will let you know, or just buy it now and wear the heck out of it because you know I will be!

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Hugs, Ry

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  1. 5.23.19
    Ally said:

    This is a really useful post, as I love the idea of this blazer but the sizing has been confusing. Looks great on you!

  2. 10.9.19
    jill22 said:

    Thank you for this post!!! Super helpful 🙂

  3. 2.23.21
    Ruth Mano said:

    I know this is very late to be commenting but I just had to write and say how much I appreciate your blog post. I purchased the sweater/blazer and got the in store one not the factory, per your advice and saved myself having to return the cheaper one. Your post and pictures convinced me to make the purchase! Thank you, thank you!