Family Photos and my love for HA

I would like to say that I’m a great mom but let’s be real here I’m mostly okay. This picture of my beautiful boy was taken moments after I had stuffed him in a Christmas sweater (and button up shirt) in Texas and propped him in a chair to sit next to sister to get the “best picture” for our family holiday card. What happened next… he full on face plants into the grass and starts crying. As the stellar okay mom that I am, what did I do?

Laugh hysterically…


This my friends is what family pictures are all about! As moms we plan out our outfits, location, cards and what happens? Someone face plants or blows out a diaper or your husband is running late so your hair looks horrible since it was about to rain and we only had moments to get the picture (not naming any names here). So I am so thankful that Hanna Andersson is helping at least with the coordinating family outfits!

Last week I posted my big blog post on Fall Family Photo Outfits with four color palettes and shopable links for items that would coordinate and in that week Hanna Andersson stepped up their matching game!


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Here is the idea on my original look with kids items from the Gap but I am loving the Dear Deer Hanna Andersson pieces that can either replace or add in if you have more kiddos (or fuzzy kids)! Plus I am sooo excited that my favorite BP Scarf from Nordstrom is back! I tried to find alternatives but really nothing was close that had those great hints of red, navy and cream like this one. Heads up though it sold out several times last year so I would grab this quick and at $24 you don’t even have to feel bad about it!

52440_M23_90_01 52671_76X_60_01 52618_76X_OS_01 51609_FQ6_110_01  51903_FQ6_110_01 52386_76X_60_01

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Now this Crimson, Gold and Navy already had a few Hanna Andersson pieces in the afternoon sun color but friends they have added more styles that I love including some with cinnabar (deeper crimson color)!

IMG_3262 52440_KZ6_90_01 52381_KZ6_60_01 52775_KZ6_90_01 52350_NS5_110_01 52322_NT0_110_01

The denim and tan already started with a mama HA sweater but they have added some more navy and cream to the girls that would mix in beautifully!


52497_EF4_110_01 51596_GW8_110_01 51598_A91_110_01 51645_76X_110_01

The final look I want to talk about is Gnomes!! I swear Hanna Andersson reads my blog (please laugh out loud here) but a few years back for Halloween we had a Gnome and a fairy so I think they decided to just go ahead and put little man on a shirt!

IMG_221752487_A91_110_01 52480_A91_M_01 52362_76X_60_01 52739_DY2_110_01

As I mentioned at the beginning we are going into mama crazy season. This is the time of year where you have all your normal responsibilities but then start creeping in outfits, parties, gifts, planning all those extras that can become really stressful. I hope that you find a nice cozy spot here with me where I can help do some of recruiting for you. This weekend Hanna Andersson is having 35% off all apparel so this is the time to get those family outfits together at a good price!

Please continue to join me on Facebook and Instagram so we can chat about what you are looking for next!

Hugs, Ry

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