The Cyber Monday Deals 2018

Since college I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner, but as soon as I left working retail a new tradition came about.. Black Friday Shopping! For years I lived 20 minutes from one of the best and largest outlet malls (San Marcos) and my mom and I would wake up at 2am and drive there to go shop. Over the years the stores have opened earlier and more sales are online. My mom doesn’t come for Thanksgiving anymore so Black Friday has turned into “my day”. I let my husband and the grandparents entertain my kids while I spend hours going around and looking at things. Most of my shopping I do all online on Thanksgiving Day or early morning on Friday so if you are like me and want to get the “real” to-dos out of the way early use this guide for all the deals, many of which have already started. So grab yourself a glass of wine, grab those slippers and let’s go shopping!
Cyber Monday Deals: 

Great Deals on Cyber Monday Gifts:

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