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Since I had my daughter I have been buying kids books like I ran a library but you know what, I’m not at all embarrassed! I have had a HUGE love for books since I was a little kid and would read so ravenously that I would go through authors in addition to series. So when our first Christmas with a baby came around I started gathering up Christmas books. Every year I always try and find one or two new books that maybe go along with their age or interest (Little Blue Truck and Fancy Nancy come to mind) that have a Christmas theme.

Here are a list of our favorites:

  1. The Night Before Christmas– We have this as a board book and paperback since there was one year that I lost our original copy and it’s tradition to read it in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Such a classic everyone needs to own one.. or 2 lol!
  2. The Christmas Wish– This book was released in 2013 but we picked it up last year and no wonder it’s at the top of the bestseller list all the time! The pictures are gorgeous and the sweet story of the little girl and her quest to become and elf is precious. The book is one of a series of “Wish” books all with gorgeous pictures of snow that I’m pretty happy I don’t live in all the time.
  3. The Bear Stays Up for Christmas– Man we love the bear series of books since we received the first one as a gift from our neighbors in Austin. When  I found that they had a Christmas version I was all over it and like all the bear books it’s also a sweet story about friendship.
  4. The Polar Express– This is another classic that we had to have in our collection of books and I enjoy this version.
  5. Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas– Fancy Nancy is a great series and I love the Christmas version of the book, plus we are going to see this as a children’s play this year so book coming to life will be a blast!
  6. The Little Blue Truck’s Christmas– This version of Little Blue Truck has flashing lights and counting but less of a story vs the original so it’s still super cute but know what you are getting.
  7. Construction Site on Christmas Night– This book was just released in October and we are big fans of Good Night, Good Night Construction Site I’m so happy they came out with a holiday themed book.
  8. Pinkalicious and the Snow Globe & Merry Pinkmas– I have a big Pinkalicious fan so it was a no brainier to pick up the two Christmas themed books in the series. I love the snow globe for the story about waiting for snow in their town fun winter book that you can still read after Christmas.
  9. Peek Inside a Fairytale: The Nutcracker– We have all the books in this series and they are beautiful! It’s a board book that has laser cutouts to bring dimension and texture to a classic story, this just released so I’m excited to give it to my little girl this year.
  10. Llama Llama Holiday Drama– I love the rhyming of the Llama books for little kids and this was is absolutely how every little one feels… is Christmas here YET?!
  11. Elmo’s Christmas Snowman– As many times as I have thought that my kids are too old for this Elmo story about waiting for Christmas and making a snowman they both still love it! Maybe it’s the sparkly pages, or maybe everyone just really does love Elmo that much!
  12. How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas– With a massive dinosaur lover we have several of this series and the Christmas version is just as adorable with good lessons on what little dinosaurs should and should not do!
  13. Doc McStuffins Christmas– My daughter has loved Doc McStuffins for years so we picked up this book awhile ago but this year she is reading it on her own which is so fun to see. A story about a broken Christmas toy needing to get fixed by the best toy doctor.

Click in the picture to go directly to that item to purchase, I put in our favorite and some that we are thinking about picking up this year:

Tell me if any of these are your favorites our which ones we should take a look at!


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