Well that’s awkward…

So as the holiday season has progressed I’ve been visiting with friends and family that I have not seen in awhile and every time the conversation goes back to the blog.

“So what are you doing again?”

“Is your husband mad that you don’t have a real job?”

“How much money are you even making?”

“So who are your models?”

I’ll be honest some of these stung and others I just laughed off.. I did like to say ME! on the model question. Although it’s awkward to explain all of this to friends and family that don’t quite understand what this whole blogging thing is, it is your comments and love that has kept me motivated. I love sharing with you the things that I like, find good deals on and fit different body shapes, including my curvy one.

Everyday you inspire me to do this better and find outfits that are easy to wear, a good deal and comfy. I wanted to do a fun re-cap of items that I have been loving, and I hope you have too.


Sweater // Slimming Leggings // Left Scarf // Jeans // Ugg Boots // Madewell Bag

This sweater is the perfect combo of warm but not too warm. Seeing that this week we are back in the low 60s it’s cold in the morning but anything thicker than this I start to sweat by mid day. It has been going on sale a ton so I know that size I originally posted with jeans but there are some days when my beloved super soft jeggings are in the wash so I quickly pull out these slimming leggings that have a high waist band and slim out my booty!

Fit tips: sweater has an oversized look so I stayed true to size because I liked that if you want a less ballon look size down. These slimming leggings I size up to a large because they really suck in.  The jeans I had to size up to a 12 and I wear a short length for them to hit right at my ankle. Ugg boots size up 1/2 size. 

IMG_6923Green Coat // Black Jeans // Scarf // Similar boots with low heel // Similar Red TB Tote

If you have been hanging around the Facebook page you have an idea on my love for this coat. I was originally drawn to it because it had started getting pretty cold here and I felt I needed a nice coat that wasn’t tan or black. When I saw a pic of this green I fell in love!  Recently I wore this to go see Santa in Southlake Town Center- check out the post on the things we love to do in the area during Christmas time.

Fit tips: Thanks to the awesome TRM Tribe I was directed to size down in this coat and it ended up perfect even with a few layers under. The black jeans I’m wearing are my fav Wit & Wisdom brand I’m in the ankle style but they just came out with the same fit just a tad longer. The boots I’m wearing are still available in limited sizes here but I linked great pair with a low heel since I know I might be the only one that likes a heeled boot!

IMG_6925Sweater // Stripe Tee // Vest // Jeans lighter color // Boots // Tote

I understand that I have been wearing some sort of variation of this outfit for months but you know what it’s warm, cute and comfy so I’ll just keep on wearing it! I was super excited to get my faux suede tote in and see how well it matched my loved wine colored puffer vest. Now unfortunately the color vest has sold out but…. I might have found my new love this plaid one! So is having 6 puffer vests too many? The other super loved item in this outfit are my Born boots. I had heard about Frye boots and their cult following but until recently I had no idea how comfortable the Born brand is! This feclica style has a tie back so they have been perfect for me since my calf is right on the edge of regular and wide. With these suckers I can adjust to the perfect circumference as you can with the Basil style that has buckles (that might have also sneaked onto my Christmas wish list). Both pairs fit true to size so it was easy to let Santa know which ones to grab.

Fit Tips: The sweater fits true to size and I’m in a medium, it even has enough room to layer this thinner tee that I grabbed from Target in a large. The puffer vest I have in a few colors and fits well in a medium although with two layers under it can get a bit tight in the chest but I normally leave unzipped. Boots run true to size and have an adjustable back so even with being borderline wide calf these are super comfy. 

IMG_6926BP Cozy Sweater // Leggings // Ugg Slippers 

Most days recently when it’s cold and I can throw on some Christmas movies while I’m getting things done you will find me just like this. My comfy leggings, that yes I have 4 pairs of now.. don’t judge. Some soft tunic- I’m loving this recent one that completely covers the booty but it light enough to wear all day indoors and my Ugg slippers. This style I got this summer during the Anniversary Sale and they have not disappointed! They are just as warm as cozy as my original pair but have that cute bow detailing to make them just a bit more feminine. Since these have been on sale sizes are going quick so grab them now if your size is still available.

Fit tips: Leggings run true to size (I’m in the medium) but I will warn you, the “new” style does not have the same size pocket and will not fit a phone- which is one of the reasons I love these! The top also runs true to size and I’m in a medium but if you want a more fitted style then size down. 


As the New Year gets closer I am starting to reflect on 2018 and let’s just say it’s been a doozy in the best and craziest ways possible. I never in a million years did I think I would be writing a lifestyle blog or if I did that anyone would care. After my eye surgery (which I think I’m going to need an entire post about that for those that don’t know what happened) I realized that life is short and I will NEVER be perfect. I will take awkward photos (please see below for my total awkwardness figuring out why a Lulu jacket has a mitten) and answer awkward questions because consistently you tell me that I am helping you and I can’t even begin to explain what an incredible blessing that has been.


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