Happy New Year- December Favorites

It’s 2019 and wow did time fly by! I still can’t believe it’s been about 6 months since I started the blog, soon I’ll talk about the entire story that got me here but in short it’s been a crazy, unexpected year. When I started this venture I hoped that I could help some women find things that would make their life easier. You have all shown up over and over again and said yes! this helps and it brings me so much joy every time you do. During the month of December I saw that a ton because you were shopping for the people you love as evidenced in our top items for December so here they are!

5. 8-Piece Frosting Bulb Decorating Kit

When I posted that we make Christmas cookies every year and what has helped with the decorating part is these silicone bulbs for frosting many of you picked them up as well! This year I got smart and used a wine pen to write the color on the rim so we could easily see what color was inside. Also to keep the frosting at the tip we flip these upside down in a plastic cup for no mess easy to use colors. Check out my entire post about this tradition including my favorite gingerbread and royal frosting recipes.

4. LOFT Shawl Pocket Open Cardigan

When this cozy light pink cardigan went 60% off you all said.. I’ll take it! It’s a great length without being too bulky, I love the light pink/ apricot color for winter. I have paired it with several outfits but I keep coming back to this lightweight layered look you can shop the rest of the items here.

3. Aerie Play High Waisted Pocket Legging

These leggings have held on to the top 5 product slot for the 2nd month in a row because of their “fit everyone” style. When I say that my 70 year old MIL, curvy best friend, marathon running friends and 13 year old niece all love these you know they have got to be pretty great! Check out my post on these leggings and several others I tried out here. If you are in-between sizes then size down, I’m in a medium. One of the other reasons these continue to stay at the top of the list is the great price, they are currently 50% off and under $20!

2. Play Road Tape

We have loved this play road tape so much that my son ended up getting 4 rolls for Christmas! I’m pretty sure all of you also saw this and said… stocking stuffer! If you have a little guy that loves cars this road tape is a must have. We had it on our wood floors for days and it still peels off with no residue. At $6.99 a roll it’s a good inexpensive gift that you could pair with some hot wheel (like this set) and you have a super happy little guy!

1. Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw

The number one seller this month is this super cozy blanket that I got for several Christmas presents and I’m thinking you did too! When I brought home this grey one it was so loved in our house that I knew we needed a 2nd one since there was a bit of fighting over the one. It is super soft and cuddly but lightweight enough where it doesn’t get you too hot. When these went 20% off and under $30 we swooped in and grabbed them.

New Favorites

I am so blessed and had a family that completely spoiled me for Christmas so I have a few new fun things I wanted to share with you that I’m absolutely loving.

I recently joined the AirPod loving game and knew that I was going to need one place to put all my Apple charging items and this charging stand is PERFECT! It has places for all 3 cords and then stands up your phone, watch and AirPods all at once plus it comes in this pretty rose gold color or 3 other colors.

Now this one was supposed to be a birthday present to myself but when it shipped and arrived in about 3 days it became an early Christmas present lol! This new Dyson Airwrap is amazing technology that has a hair dryer attachment but also these curling attachments that dry and curl your hair at the same time. My hair is less frizzy and holds a curl better than anything I have tried, but bad news it’s been selling out like CRAZY!! It’s really hard to get a hold of a set so keep checking here and here.

Those are just a few of my new favorites I wanted to share with you. I know many of you are in after holiday clean up mode so don’t forget to join my email list so you don’t miss any of my updates on home organization!




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