Workout Goal Update

Okay I’m just gonna say it it’s January 7th and my goal of being mindful of what I put in my body has been a slight fail.. I mean if pizza, wine and cookies fail you.

I blame you warm cookies…

If you read my New Year Goals post (here’s a link if you haven’t) then you know that I also don’t love working out. I know, I know lots of you are shouting at me.. who does?! Yeah well I live with someone who does, my husband rises at 4:30am and heads to the gym 5 days/ week without fail. Over the past year he has really hit some awesome goals with his fitness and so I know if I want to at least keep my wine I need to find my groove. I want to first say that my groove is not running, I will do it as part of a warm up or in another activity but at the end of the day its like nails on a chalkboard for me. I wanted to quickly mention that because when I’m choosing workout pants it is not with a 10 mile run in mind, think spinning, weight lifting, walking, yoga etc.

Ok now that we have that out of the way. Let’s kick it into gear!

As you saw in the last post I’ve been on quite a quest to find some good workout wear and at a good price and here is where Amazon comes in! The great thing about Amazon is there are a million things to choose from, the downside… there are a million things to choose from. At this point I have tried 6 styles of workout pants and there were some definite hits and misses! Plus in my last post I raved about my favorite Lululemon jacket but once the sale colors sold out the $118 price tag can be pretty steep!

Lululemon Define Jacket // Aerie side pocket Leggings

Fit Tip: Jacket- I’m in a 10, runs true to size for a fitted look, size up if you want some room. Leggings size down if in-between I’m in a medium.

I heard from a friend that this jacket from Amazon was a perfect dupe for my favorite Lululemon define jacket so of course I had to try it! First I was shocked when I pulled it out that it had a similar thickness and soft feeling. When I put it on the first thing I realized was it was tight (which all the reviews also reflect)- I ordered it in a large but still felt like it would have been tough to get a long sleeve under it and needed an XL. Other than that everything else was so similar I swear you would only tell it wasn’t Lulu by the pull tag emblem! This jacket has thumb holes, mittens, back vent and even headphone cable hole. I love that it comes in several colors but the pink I LOVED at first sight! As you can tell I’ve been in a pink/ red mood and these Aerie leggings went perfect with my recent love.

Amazon jacket // Aerie Real Me Leggings

Fit tip: Leggings-Medium, size down if in-between, Jacket- need XL size up at least 1 size.

When I posted my love for the Aerie play high waisted leggings I mentioned that I didn’t love them for working out a ton since they were a bit thicker and I like something thin that won’t make me sweat too much! A friend reached out and said you need to try the Real Me version, it’s thinner but still has the great high rise (that’s not too high) and fit as the others. Here are the drawbacks though.. no side pockets! Also these show sweat so if you are like me and get pretty sweaty expect to see dark areas. I am still keeping these and think they are a great choice I just would buy black from now on. These are currently $23.97 (40% off) so I’m not breaking the bank buying a 2nd pair.

I was still on the hunt for my perfect workout pants under $30! Then I heard about these on Amazon.

Yogalicious High Waist Leggings // Low Key Tank

Fit Tip: Leggings fit true to size, I’m in a large due to the cookies you saw in the beginning of the post and the few lbs I need to loose so if you are in-between size up! Top- size down I’m in an 8

When I pulled them out of the package I was surprised how soft they are, very similar feel to a high end legging. They are a bit thicker than the Aerie Real Me leggings but not by much so still a good 2nd skin weight. They have a good high rise that hits right above my belly button so not too high but not seeing crack when you bend over. Also they have side pockets!!! The final test was a sweaty workout, I did a round of warm (90-95 degree) yoga and you could not see a sweat mark at all and for a lighter color I was shocked!

The best part is these are $24.99!! Now if you read through the reviews you will see that the people who didn’t love them it’s because they are thinner so it’s a total personal preference. If you like a thinner workout pant like the Lululemon Align style these are for you!

Aerie Move Leggings // Low Key Tank

Fit Tip: Leggings size down if in-between I’m in a medium. 

If you are the type that like a bit thicker more compression style this style is for you. These still have my beloved side pocket, high waist but not too high and the light grey side stripe is mesh so these breathe. Although these show as a 7/8 legging I would definitely would call them more of a crop, which I like but if you want the extra inch or two these may not be for you. These still have that smooth to the touch soft feel but with just a bit more thickness and stretch to lift the booty and hold in the tummy a bit more. These I could see if I was a runner they would be the best bet for. Right now the blue stripe is $29.97 (40% off) I but my grey stripe is 60% off and only $19.98!

At this point I’ve tried Old Navy and Target which are two other stores where I have found good workout gear but when it comes to the pants I haven’t been as impressed as these I’ve found at Aerie and Amazon. When it comes to tops I really do like the Champion brand at Target and they have a ton on sale this week check out all the styles here. I hope this helps you find a few new items that give you that extra little push to get back to the gym, run that extra mile or at least get comfy as you eat that cookie.




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