Kids Valentines

Over the years we have done a few cute food Valentines for my kid’s classmates but as they have gotten older (and changed schools) we have gotten away from food items because of allergy issues with friends. As a working mom for years I had to balance the “cute Valentine” with something I could dso quickly and typically the night before!

Last year I made the mistake of thinking that my daughter would LOVE to put together her own Valentines… yeah not so much, it took like 2 weeks and I ended up finishing half of them so we are going back to easy!!

My other trick has been to call in the “experts” aka Etsy! There are so many great shops that sell inexpensive stickers and labels to go with items you can quickly pick up from Amazon so I’ll link a few of my favorites if you really want a “I do VERY little” type of Valentine.

1. Play-Doh

I know there are some moms that cringe at the sight of Play-Doh, we happen to love it and since my little man mixes the colors and leaves them out all the time we go through a ton of it!

2. Hot Wheels

As a mom of a four year old we are knee deep in hot wheels but funny enough my almost 7 year old daughter loves playing with them too so these are another inexpensive option for both boys and girls. Some of these are printable tags so you would need to also order card stock and treat bags so check the listing before ordering.

3. Crazy Straws

Now I will admit we are not a big crazy straw family but I know a lot of kids love them so I thought these would be super cute!

4. Bubbles

It’s funny how I keep thinking that my daughter is about to outgrow liking bubbles and then each spring and summer.. nope! They are just fun, kids smile when they see bubbles. Many of the packs on Amazon had leaking issues so I linked these cute ones from one of my fav paper stores so they will be a bit higher quality.

5. Pencil Valentines

It think that pencil Valentines can sometimes be pretty boring but these with a sloth and the mechanical pencil are pretty unique.

Also don’t forget to get a box- we have learned the hard way on getting this together at the last minute although little man’s Llama box last year was pretty epic! There are a few sets from Target but most you need to order online and do store pickup.


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