Happy Margarita Day!

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Typically on Fridays you will see my picks for sales and deals so if you are here for that then just scroll on down to the bottom of the post! I recently saw this BIG banner at one of my favorite places advertising this day and I thought how fun would it be to talk about some of my favorite places for a margarita.

The past 16 years I have lived in Austin and the North Mid Cities area of DFW so my picks are going to center around Texas so if you don’t live here, sorry… come visit soon!


Now living in Austin for about 10 years I developed a HUGE love for this Tex-Mex restaurant. If you have a good server they always bring creamy jalapeño when you sit down, if not then ask for it it’s basically the taste of Ranch dressing, jalapeños and a bit a cilantro and you dip your chips in it (or just dump the whole thing on your dinner like I do!). I always order the #5 there are so many delicious dishes but I am a creature of habit and it’s good. I lived in New Mexico for 6 years so when I found that they had Hatch Green Chili sauce it was like I was going home! Although it’s flipping hot so I order mine on the side.

When we moved to DFW I was sad to leave Chuy’s near our home in South Austin, then like the heavens hearing my prayers a location was opened in Southlake close to our new home. Four years ago my son was born 4 days before my birthday so on our 2nd day home from the hospital my husband took me here to have my first bite at the new Chuy’s in Southlake.

Margarita Choice: Texas Martini with Don Julio Silver and Grand Marnier

This comes in a martini glass and shaker… if they do it right (see below when it wasn’t exactly served the right way)

Trudy’s Tex Mex

Another Austin favorite and this Tex-Mex restaurant has stayed only in Austin versus Chuy’s that has taken over the entire Eastern part of the US. This place brings back sooo many memories, it was the first place I met my eventual brother-in-law, where my husband and I had many dates and where I would go for lunch with two of my favorite co-workers (who are like family now). In my opinion the only thing to order is the Stuffed Avocado, now there is always a debate on what sauce to get on top. For years it was always a choice and then they changed the menu and the Suiza sauce which is a sour cream based sauce.. yuck! I still ask for other options and they happily oblige.

Margarita Choice: Mexican Martini with Don Julio Silver and Grand Marnier

If you can tell this is a favorite of mine 🙂

Cristina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant

When we moved to DFW obviously I was sad to leave so many of my favorite Mexican restaurants so when we saw one in a small strip mall close to our home I was skeptical. Although when we arrived I found a new love, table side guacamole! We have now been going to this same Cristina’s for over 5 years and we know most of the servers. The Trophy Club location is normally not super busy at the times when we go (around 5p-6p) and always get fast service. It is on the way home from my son’s school and I love how my daughter will always call out.. there’s Cristina’s! Now they do not have the Mexican Martini style margarita and that’s fine! Their house margarita on the rocks is great. They have fantastic fajitas but lately I’ve been getting the tacos which are yummy as well.

Margarita Choice: House Margarita on the rocks with salt

Hope if you are in Texas that you try some or all of these places they are delicious and all of them are having specials today to celebrate. Now on to the deals & sales for the weekend!


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