Easter Basket Ideas Little Girls

Although being a mom can be so tiring and busy when holidays come around I just love seeing their little faces light up with wonder and belief. In our family we most of the time spend Easter with family so my kids get to gather up “hidden” Easter eggs all over their grandparents house. I bring their baskets empty and they set them out for the Easter bunny to come fill them up. When my little guy was still a baby we got him a smaller soft basket with his name on it and then last year I moved him up to a big basket to match sisters. Today I’m going to give you some ideas to fill up that little girls basket I will be doing little boy and toddler in the upcoming days/ week. I have separated ideas into categories because in the past I have done themed baskets which makes it fun (and easy to shop).

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Unicorns & Fairies

Beach/ Pool

Creative/ Art


Outdoor/ Gardening

Treats & Plushes

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