Seven years ago today I became a mama, like many women I have an interesting birth story. The short version is I went into labor around 3am and it was around 10am, after my epidural, that my husband finally changed out of his work clothes he had dressed in that morning “just in case” I wasn’t really in labor (seriously insert eye rolls here). My labor was pretty standard until it got to pushing, she wasn’t coming out and her heart rate starting dropping significantly so my doctor attempted to vacuum her out. On the second failed attempt (I still think it was because she had a beautiful head of hair) my doc called for an emergency c-section. I was in tears because I absolutely did not want a c-section and as my husband looked at my distressed face he asked my doctor if I could keep trying to push. She said ok they are prepping still so I can give you 2 contractions to get her out. I swear I am a super A-type goal oriented person so of course on that next contraction I pushed her out.

I wanted to share my story because every single mom has a different experience during delivery and every single moment after that. On a daily basis I wear jewelry that reminds me of both of my kids. I have very special pieces that I received after both births that I will treasure forever but I wanted to share with you some fun pieces that celebrate being a mom. The one below I just got and wear all the time. I love that it is very dainty and short enough to layer.

The other necklace that I wear a ton is my Cartier love necklace that was a gift from my husband after my son was born. When we nursed he would take his little hand and grab it while he fell asleep. You will see this necklace in about 80% of my pictures because it just connects me to him. I understand that this is an investment piece so I wanted to ensure I showed you a bunch more at various price points.

Cardigan | Tee | Jeggings | Shoes | Necklace (used diamond version) | Necklace

For the fancy Mom-Stella & Dot Cursive Mama necklace

Put a name or date-Stella & Dot Engravable Delicate Necklace

For the mom who has lost a child-Always in My Heart Necklace

For the Mom to be- Something So Small

When the kids learn to write- Actual Handwriting Necklace

My Necklace- MAMA Evereve Necklace

For the Sex in the City fan mom- Carrie style nameplate necklace

Although Mother’s Day is still a few months away I wanted to celebrate the day that I became a mom with all of you.


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