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Although Spring Break just ended I’m already thinking about summer break and trips! Although we don’t have crazy plans I always like having some new options for totes and bags that are easy to travel with. Although we are still a few months away from our next getaway today I’m grabbing all the bags I need that get me in the warm weather mood! All of the options today are under $150 and most of them under $50.

Tote | Shorts | Top | Jacket | Slides

Utility Shirt | Dress | Tote | Slip-on Shoes | Similar Bracelet

This pom pom tote $49 I grabbed because I loved the blush color but also it holds a ton! It has a round bottom so it really opens up to throw in snacks, water bottle and sun sticks also because of the jute material its flexible and great for packing. I loved this tote so much I just got one for my friend’s birthday who loves to travel. Now because this tote is so cute it keeps going in and out of stock so if you love the pom pom the matching clutch $42 is also adorable.

Sweater | Ankle Jeans | Similar Shoes | Tote

Now if you have been following me for a bit you know my love for this neutral leather tote. I was concerned at first if it was going to be big enough for the amount go things I tend to carry around daily (not to mention the additional dinosaurs, water bottles and snacks that also get tossed in). Check out my post where I laid it all out, including the dinosaur, and realized the size is perfect. I love this for spring and summer because the English leather color is versatile with a ton of outfits. Since it’s under $150 it’s a bag that you can easily travel with and not feel like you are carrying around a target (hello LV).

Top | Crossbody | Jeans | Slip on Shoes | Glasses

I have a friend that has been to Costa Rica, Hawaii and now Palm Springs in the past couple of months so I’ve been living vicariously through her pictures when it comes to vacations. The closest to water I got over Spring Break was my in-laws pool but a girl can dream right?! I’m loving this fun “Vacay” crossbody bag for a few reasons. First it is big enough to easily carry phone, some makeup, wallet and someone’s snack. Also you can take the crossbody strap off and it has a clutch strap so for traveling it is like 2 bags in one. It’s under $20 which made it a no brainer to add to my collection now I’m just waiting on the perfect vacay spot.

Top | Jeans | Tote | Slip-on shoes | Glasses

Now I’m the type if I’m going to the beach or the pool I need a big bag! I like this pom pom tote because I can easily fit a ton of our toys, sunscreen, snacks and wallet. This style is under $35 and comes in 4 prints including the pom pom, but also a super fun Tequila & Tanlines one!

Tote | Swimsuit

Hat | Maxi | Bamboo Tote

Polkadot Top | Similar White Ab-solution Jeans | Bamboo Tote

This tote I got earlier in the season when I was grabbing items from the Gibson resort collection and it reminded me of sitting on a beach in the Bahamas. Although it has open slats nothing of mine has fallen out because they are really close together so maybe just no loose small makeup brushes. This is the small size which is exactly what I was looking for not too big but definitely enough room for my makeup, phone and wallet. This is from Amazon and under $38!


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