Getting Ready for the Holidays

It’s November and as I look at my calendar for the next two months it is getting filled with holiday fun and FAMILY! Since we typically host family and friends through the holidays I am getting ready NOW for the revolving door of guests. I’m sharing all my tricks for an inviting guest room AND all the essentials to stock up now before it gets busy so welcome to our Texas home!

Fall blouse from Gibson Look #gibsonxfallrefresh #falloutfit #darkdenim #tanbooties #casualoutfit

Blouse (tts, M) // Jegging (size down, 10) // Booties (size up 1/2)


Getting ready for the holidays - #target #targethome #whitetowels #bestwhitetowels #guestroom #homedecor #homeinspo

Blouse (tts, M) // Nate Berkus Target Towels

Since my parents have to fly in to visit us I try and think of things that will be calming and make their stay as easy as possible when they arrive. About an hour before I so I start this oil diffuser with some lavender to make the room smell nice and add some moisture into the dry winter air.

This style I grabbed from Nordstrom last year and love that it’s a compact size but can run all night and has changeable lights (great if you have someone that would prefer a little nightlight). Although they have stopped carrying this style at Nordstrom I did find it at Amazon for you!

I use Young Living oils because I really like their blends but grab some that you love (just make sure they are a good quality).

Getting ready for the holidays - #target #targethome #whitetowels #bestwhitetowels #guestroom #homedecor #homeinspo #oildiffuser
Getting ready for the holidays - #target #targethome #whitetowels #bestwhitetowels #guestroom #homedecor #homeinspo #hearthandhand

Water carafe // Hearth & Hand glass // oil diffuser // tray

Next I get out an inexpensive water carafe and small glass. This idea came after about 3 years of my dad asking for a water glass because he takes several medicines at night and in the morning. I figured it would be a great welcome to our guests to see that they already have their own glass and water ready in their room.

The glass carafe and water glass are from Target and combined under $11 so it’s a simple and inexpensive add to any guest room. After your guests leave the carafe is great to have on hand for dinner parties to refill water!

Getting ready for the holidays - #target #targethome #whitetowels #bestwhitetowels #guestroom #homedecor #homeinspo #gibsonlook #gibsonxfallrefresh #fall #holidays

Then I like to set out towels for my guests, that way they know which ones they can use. Even after my parents have come to my home for YEARS they still ask which towels can I use?! Setting them out just makes it REALLY apparent that hey these are for you and they are clean!

Since I LOVE a great white towel they can get dingy over the year so around this time I always pick up 2 bath sheets, hand towel and washcloth. The Nate Berkus line at Target is fluffy and a good size without breaking the bank. Through November 9th get them 15% off with the Target circle coupon, plus stack your 5% Red Card discount.

Getting ready for the holidays - #target #targethome #whitetowels #bestwhitetowels #guestroom #homedecor #homeinspo

Nate Berkus Target Towels (15% off through 11/9)


Getting ready for the holidays - #bathroom #beautycounter #farmhouse #farmhousebathroom

Boxwood arrangement // Magnolia candle // Citrus Mimosa Hand Wash

If your family is anything like ours the holidays also brings SICKNESS!! I try as much as I can to ward it off but we have called into Doc on Demand more than once on a major holiday. This is the time of the year that I get PREPARED I stock up on all our paper goods, cleaning supplies and health items so that no one is running out in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner to grab more Children’s Advil!

One of the biggest ways to ward off the gunk is by washing hands. Although it’s not “holiday” smelling I love the Beauty Counter Citrus Mimosa Hand Wash (and hand lotion). They come in these pretty classic white pumps and because it’s from Beauty Counter you know it’s not filled with any bad ingredients. They have a set of hand wash and cream that I stock up on around this time.

In the guest bathroom I also check for after potty spray, my favorite is the volcano from Anthropologie it has a fresh scent and doesn’t seem like you are covering up something! Then I check that it has toilet paper, facial tissues, extra towels and wet wipes.

Finally I LOAD UP my Amazon cart with all the rest of the items that I need to have on hand to be ready for the season!

All you need to get ready for the holidays to keep your family healthy and your guests happy! #holidays #christmas #thanksgiving #home #homeinspo #lifewithkids #healthykids



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Professional Photography by Audrie Dollins of Dallas, TX

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