5 Tips to Holiday Entertaining

Now that Halloween is over it’s full blown holiday mode over here. Every year since college I have hosted Thanksgiving for our family and I love it. Each year I feel like I learn something new or just get better at cooking and hosting so this year I’m going to share my YEARS of knowledge with you and give you 5 tips for holiday Entertaining.

ONE // Check your equipment

There was one year when I went to baste the turkey and my baster was BROKEN! My dad tried to quickly go to the store and of course they were completely sold out of turkey basters on Thanksgiving. I think I ended up doing a scoop and pour method that was horrible so highly recommend just checking all the things you will be using about 1-2 weeks prior.

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TWO // Save your shopping lists & recipes in one place

A few years ago I got this cute wood recipe box and I have handwritten all of our family recipes to keep in one place. I know that when Thanksgiving comes around I’m not searching online or in a million books to start whipping out dishes.

Also I keep a word document saved (and printed in my recipe box) of my entire Thanksgiving shopping list. This way each year I just go back to my master list, print a new one and head to the store!

Wood Recipe Box | Cards

THREE // Prep & Cook Ahead of Time

For Thanksgiving I always try and prep as much as I can prior to the day of. Here is a quick list of what I prep ahead of time.

A Few Days Prior:

  • Cornbread (for stuffing) and let sit out to dry several days
  • Defrost Turkey
  • Chop garlic, celery & onions for stuffing save in container in refrigerator

Day Before:

  • Make Cranberry Sauce
  • Bake Pies
  • Defrost Corn
  • Make Stuffing for bird and side dish
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A few other things I order ahead of time is our turkey and a Board + Brie Charcuterie board. This way we have yummy snacks for the kids and adults before we sit down for turkey. Make sure that you get your order in SOON they are taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years!

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FOUR // Set the table in advance

Setting the table a few days prior helps me ensure that we have all the glasses and silverware that we need clean and ready to go. Also it makes for such a warm and inviting area when your guests arrive.

Now I will say that we are a pretty big game family so if this is also the table that you could be using for Mexican Train then just stack your decor to the side and get little helpers the morning of to set the table.

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FIVE // Don’t forget to LAUGH & RELAX

Over the years we have had so many cooking mishaps it’s hilarious! The best still is the year I accidentally added taco seasoning to the gravy. Although it might seem like a disaster in the moment these make for the stories you will remember with family for years.

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Cheers friends! I know so many people are talking about already moving onto thinking about Christmas but I love Thanksgiving and this time to be with family and reflect on what we are all Thankful for and I am so thankful for YOU!

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  1. 11.8.21
    Cheri said:

    Love the idea for saving your recipes and shopping list in a document to use each year! So smart!