Amazon Finds: January 2020

Well I had been going back and forth on doing a monthly Amazon round-up and when I polled you it was and OVERWHELMING yes! Now these round ups will mostly be clothing but y’all I buy sooo much on Amazon I’m also going to share my random finds that I think you might like as well. Last year my Amazon water bottle holder was one of the top selling items so I’m guessing you love random stuff too.

Now if you are looking in-between Amazon posts for some of my favorites I try and update as I order items on my Amazon Storefront. This has a ton of different categories you can shop from.

Sizing info: I am 5’5 and with some lovely added holiday weight a consistent size 12/ L bottom and 36DD/ M/ 10 top.


Denim Jacket | Stripe Tee | Crossbody Bag | Madewell Jeans (similar Amazon black jean) | Rothy’s (similar Amazon red stretchy shoe)

Fit Tips: Denim Jacket runs small size up, L // Tee tts based on size guide, L // jeans size down if in-between // Rothy’s size up at least 1/2

As I was putting outfits together I was thinking about this time of the year in TX where it can be 65 one day and then 30 the next. I love having some basics to layer and was SHOCKED on the quality of this denim jacket. It has a very similar shape and feel to ones double the cost.

Paired with this stripe tee that is long sleeve, stretchy, and has a good length I’m wearing this into spring! This crossbody bag though is a major show stopper. I love the pop of red but honestly it comes in a TON of colors and under $18!

Long Sleeve Stripe Tee | AEO Distressed Jeans | Converse

Fit Tips: Tee sized up for looser fit, L // Jeans size up if in-between 12 short // Converse tts

I’ve been looking for a few layering tees as we go into spring and really loved the fit and feel of this pink stripe. It is not too fitted and has a modest v-neck and decent length. I did size up to a large because I wanted a looser feel but if you want a tighter fit stay true to size.

These jeans were a top seller last year and since they just restocked at American Eagle I had to still show them! I know they aren’t Amazon but worth the extra click and check out!

Sweater | Crossbody Bag | Madewell Jeans (similar Amazon jean) | Pointed Toe Flat

Fit Tips: sweater size up if in-between, L // Madewell jeans size down if in-between, 30 (and hemmed) // Flat size up 1/2 if you like a little more toe room

I saw this sweater first on Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! and knew that I needed to have it! I am always a little hesitant when I see items on other bloggers though because I worry about how it will fit on me but this one is a winner! The lighter weight and soft fabric makes it perfect for Valentines Day. If you are not a heart person no worries, it comes in a TON of colors and most are under $20.

This pointed toe flat is one of my staples and since you can see Meghan Markle running around the world in them too I figure I needed a pair. I picked up mine at Nordstrom (where they are currently 40% off) but they also sell Sam Edelman on Amazon which I LOVE! The size guide says to go up 1/2 size but I stuck to my true size and although they are a bit tight on the toes going up they were too loose so order based on how you like your flats to feel.

Cardigan olive color | Stripe Tee | Madewell Jeans (similar Amazon jean) | Blondo Waterproof Booties

Fit Tips: cardigan size up, L // Madewell jeans size down if in-between, 30 (and hemmed) // Tee tts based on size guide, L // Booties tts

In 2019 this soft long cardigan made the top sellers list, mostly due to my tan one but I wanted to show you this gorgeous green color as well. These cardigans have some stretch, pockets and great length it’s no wonder I have friends that told me they have purchased more than one. This style also comes in plus size so such a great staple for under $20 (depending on color).

These Blondo booties are getting pulled out more and more as the weather cools because they are lined (aka keeping my feet warm) and waterproof so no concerns with weather. I have the cognac nubuck but love the suede look as well.

Sweater | Leggings | Sneakers

Fit Tips: Sweater tts, sized up for more oversized feel, L // Leggings tts, L // Shoes sized up 1/2

For those of you that are on the fence about the whole faux leather leggings these look like the Spanx but are thinner and cheaper! These are actually a decent length for me as well since the Spanx are too long but these can be adjusted to ankle length easily.

This sweater is a perfect compliment to cover the goodies b/c y’all no one needs to be seeing my hoo-ha in tight leggings! It is a lighter weight and cute waffle style so great with leggings. I’m thinking this might be my on the way home from Vegas look, comfy yet still sassy!

Now if you heard any of my woes after Christmas I stepped on a toy on our stairs and cut open my heel. It was soo painful and made it really hard to walk (and put on regular shoes). I remembered that I had stashed these away and pulled them out. They are comfortable, stretchy and made it possible to walk when I thought I was going to be laid up!

Blouse | Similar skirt | Similar pumps

So I really like a 3/4 sleeve blouse that way I don’t have to worry about the length of a jacket sleeve or what type of jacket I put over it (wore business professional for over a decade so I think about this stuff)! This blouse is thicker and stretchier than I had expected. It fits great across my chest and doesn’t pull, plus even untucked it’s a good length that can be worn with pants.


In this edition I wanted to share some of the Christmas gifts that we loved that came from Amazon (and also something that helped me through the month of December)!

Vinglace Wine Bottle Insulator

I’ve been eyeing this wine bottle chiller since I saw it in a local boutique over a year ago! I love white wine (especially in the summer) and this hold the full bottle and keeps it cold for HOURS!! When I got it I went ahead and set my wine out for 4 hours and it was still cold SCORE SANTA!

Amazon Echo Show 5

When I was upgrading our garage to be a gym for my husband I knew that he would want something to play his music and this compact Amazon Echo is the perfect size! It’s great because we can also see the time and talk to each other from device to device.

Golf Club Organizer

Let’s just say I was sooo over tripping over my husband’s golf bag as I was trying to pull out kids bikes. Also the amount of random bags from golf tournaments filled with tees, balls, towels and other random swag almost made me throw in the towel (pun intended). This organizer is perfect, it holds a ton of the “extras” and 2 full size bags.

Cooking Light with Trader Joe’s

First I will admit that between Thanksgiving and Christmas I have put on about 10 lbs. It sucks but it’s mostly eating crap all the time and drinking a lot of wine. So although I’m not doing a dry January (because um hello 40th birthday in Vegas) I am working on eating better. I LOVE Trader Joes and this cookbook has a 2 week “program” to lighten up which I’m really liking.

OLLY Sleep Gummy

I can’t say that it’s anxiety or just I’ve been on a weird sleep schedule but I swear since day light saving time change my body was not allowing me to sleep past about 3am. Finally I broke down and tried this melatonin sleep gummy and it’s been amazing!! I sleep so much better, don’t feel groggy or out of it when I wake up AND I’ve even been able to take it when I woke up randomly in the middle of the night and could not get back to sleep and it was a huge help on getting some more sleep in. Plus they taste good!

I hope you love this edition of my Amazon finds, so I have to ask what have you ordered from Amazon lately? What’s your favorite item from this month? Is there something you’d like to see next time?

Great news is I have a post coming soon with Amazon workwear so get ready!! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram because I’ll do my full try-on session from the post! Have a great Monday and I’ll be using my new wine chiller as a watch the premiere of The Bachelor tonight!!



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