Backyard Life with Walmart Delivery

It’s spring and in our part of Texas that means some GORGEOUS days that all I want to do is be outside and enjoy the warm (but not hot yet) weather. You might remember in mid February we had a massive snow storm that basically killed every living plant I had on our patio so it was looking really sad out there and not a place I wanted to entertain. So I gathered up some new plants and went to repot them and realized… I FORGOT to grab potting soil.

I also kind of forgot to grab any snacks for my friends that were headed over for an afternoon playdate the next day, oops! Luckily I jumped on the computer and checked my  Walmart Online Delivery and not only could I grab my snacks but they also could deliver potting soil, a shovel and even a cute new tray to serve snacks on.

T-shirt Dress (tts, L) | Sandals (tts)

I started using Walmart’s Online Pickup & Delivery around the holidays when we needed some last minute cookie supplies and I didn’t want to have to pay marked up prices for supplies or crazy delivery fees. Now it’s become my go-to for weekly groceries and last minute items. I have used both the delivery option (small fee & $35 minimum order) as well as the pickup option that is always FREE.

This time around I was juggling a million things so while I had the kids at karate I was able to get all my supplies delivered to the house.

The next day it was time to get these plants in some pots. First I busted out this adorable watering can that I picked up for the kids so they can “help” with watering our new plants. I thought it was so fun I had to try it out. It doesn’t hold a ton of water but would also be perfect for indoor plants. Luckily they also have a bigger 2 gal style as well for me.

Potting Mix | V Neck Tee (L) | Similar Active Shorts | Sandals | Watering Can | 2 gal Watering Can

Then I grabbed this shovel that was delivered from Walmart since I could NOT find any of mine. I’m pretty sure my daughter has some sort of random “gardening” bag that she put all my stuff in and of course I can’t find it now. This one is lightweight, good size and great for digging holes for plants.

Sandals tts

Now that my backyard looks a little nicer it’s time for some snacks! I love a great charcuterie board but they can be difficult to carry around so I grabbed this gorgeous serving tray with handles in my Walmart delivery and it’s perfect for all of our backyard entertaining.


With your next Walmart grocery order don’t forget all the extras that help make your busy life just a bit easier so you can get back to the important stuff, enjoying spring!

Professional Photography by Audrie Dollins of Dallas, TX

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