Best Sellers | July 2023

Every month I love looking back and seeing what you are buying. Sometimes it’s an item that went on CRAZY sale and sometimes it’s just a must have for the season. Here are the Top 10 most purchased (non Amazon) items from the TRM Tribe in July.

ONE // Nordstrom AB Solution Bootcut Jeans, true to size, 12

TWO // Walmart Racerback Tank Top, true to size, L

THREE // Nordstrom Knit Pullover, true to size, L

FOUR // Walmart Gym Shorts, true to size, L

FIVE // Nordstrom Floral Long Sleeve Dress, true to size, L

SIX // Nordstrom V-Neck Sweater, true to size, L

SEVEN // Nordstrom Plaid Pants, run long, 12P

EIGHT // Nordstrom Mid Rise Jeans, size down, need 30

NINE // Target Jean Shorts, size up, 14

TEN // Nordstrom Turtleneck Sweater, true to size, L

Now my favorite part, what you loved from Amazon! I make a separate list of the most purchased items from Amazon because I share a lot of home, travel, beauty and just “other” stuff in addition to fashion and love seeing what you are buying. If you want to see more of what I’m loving, outfit photos and idea lists head to my storefront.

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ONE // Hotel Collection Bed Pillows

TWO // Gold Layered Necklace

THREE // Polarized Sunglasses

FOUR // Ticonderoga Pencils

FIVE // Mighty Patch

SIX // PicassoTiles

SEVEN // Gel Pens

EIGHT // 3-In-1 Wireless Charger

NINE // V-Neck Bra, true to size, L full cup

TEN // Pet Hair Remover

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