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It has been so fun rounding up my favorites of different items like Denim Shorts, Work Pants and Swimsuits that actually cover the rear! Today I’m pulling out all my favorite white t-shirts (yes I have A LOT of favorites) and sharing why I like each one AND giving you a sheerness score. This way you can determine your perfect classic white tee.

I ended up trying all of these on with a black STRAPLESS bra since some of them showed the racerback straps in the v-neck styles and apparently I don’t have a regular strapped black bra?!

Caslon Rounded Neck | $19.50

Caslon Rounded Neck | True to Size, L | Sheerness Level 2

This one is a popular tee especially around Nordstrom Anniversary time since it’s under $20 and comes in a ton of colors. This is one of the most sheer tees in white but has a longer length that many of you have been looking for. It’s not too boxy or tight but a good in-between that’s easy to wear with many bottoms.

Athleta Avenue | $54

Athleta Avenue | Size down, M | Sheerness Level 2

I have been a big fan of this breathable, anti-odor athletic tee for awhile now! I love the sleeves and deeper v-neck plus it really does stay cool (wore at Disney and it saved me.) It is one of the longest of my tees with a not too tight but fitted shape. I have washed and dried this MANY times and have seen no shrinkage either.

*WINNER Athletic Tee

Goodthreads Rounded Neck | 2 for $31.70

Goodthreads Rounded Neck | True to Size, L | Sheerness Level 4

The Goodthreads Rounded Neck is one of my favorite “boxier” white tees. It does have a thinner fabric than some so it lost some points on sheerness but it washes well doesn’t shrink as much as the Target tee.

*WINNER for best all around tee

Goodthreads V-Neck | 2 for $31

Goodthreads V-Neck | True to to size, L | Sheerness Level 2.5

Since I loved the rounded neck so much I grabbed the V-neck style, except the fit is not the same. This style has a more rounded hem that I don’t love. It has the same sheerness as the rounded neck and washability.

Free People | $38

Free People | True to Size, L | Sheerness Level 3

I wasn’t a big fan at first of the boxy, shorter hemmed tees but honestly this one has grown on me! I love the length with shorts so I don’t feel the need to tuck (or front tuck) and the boxier shape is cute with the rolled sleeves. While it’s more expensive than most it is still somewhat sheer making me nervous about it’s long term durability but for now I really like it.

*WINNER trendy shape

Amazon Made for You Custom | $25

Amazon Made for You Custom | Custom Size | Sheerness Level 4

This is a tee that I think few people know about but it’s a GOOD one! It does take some work but one you have your scan in then it’s done and you can make tons of different tees. I’m in a medium weight, classic fit, Low V, medium length in white. As you can see there are so many options you can pick to make the PERFECT tee. I have purchased also the “lightweight” option and it is much more sheer.

*WINNER best custom tee

Michael Stars Lexy | $58

Michael Stars Lexy | True to Size, L | Sheerness Level 5

This is my most expensive option and honestly when you feel it you can see why. This has an amazing fabric that is thicker, yet soft and really keeps it’s shape. This tee has a more fitted feel that is great with a lot of bottoms without it feeling to “clingy” and hugging the wrong parts. If I had to pick one staple high end tee it’s this one hands down, and I also love it’s sister tank!

*WINNER best opaque rounded neck

Target Universal Thread | $8

Target Universal Thread | True to Size, L | Sheerness Level 5

If I picked a winner based solely off of how many I own this Target V neck would win HANDS DOWN! I have purchased and re-purchased this tee over and over again because it has a great quality for the price. It is just enough boxy to not cling, just short enough to keep untucked and a deep enough v to be modest but attractive. Overall if you are looking for an affordable tee that will not show through (even with a black bra) on grab this one!!

*WINNER most affordable

I hope this helps you find the “perfect” wardrobe staple, the white t-shirt!

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  1. 6.9.22
    Christa said:

    Wow! Thanks for this post! Choosing the right White t shirts is the bane of my existence; so much trial and error. I really appreciate the thought you’ve put into the post and esp the sheerness level.


    Ps: being able to access the whole post in the email is also much so I had to pop over to the blog to say so

  2. 8.9.22
    Bobbie McCrea said:

    Thank you! ❤️

  3. 7.10.23
    Blanks said:

    Best white tee selection! The minimalist styling always save your money. I tried and saved a lot. This post so nice.