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So recently I have been trying to push my daughter to read more chapter books and harder material to advance her reading skills. I was told by a few friends to check out the Junie B. Jones books for early chapter book readers. We got the first grade set and as we started reading book one and the horrible attitude of Junie shocked me. I told my daughter that we would put these to the side and maybe read more later. This week I had a conversation with her teacher and asked if she wanted the books since I didn’t love them and she said “Sure!, Just know that we talk about Junie lessons.” She continued to say that she understood that Junie has a poor attitude and grammar (I’m not judging here) and she teaches the kids lessons around behaviors not to mimic of Junie’s. Whew, it wasn’t just me!

I then started gushing about our favorite series Billie’s Adventures by Usborne books. The story line is geared more towards preschool but the hidden messages and values are amazing! First Billie comes to preschool and is greeted by her teacher and even if Billie is in a bad mood (which sometimes she is) and she immediately jumps into using her imagination. Here’s the hidden lesson.. dad drops her off and picks her up from school, what?! YES I love that they show both parents can be caretakers. Although I have wondered what’s up with the man bag lol!


In most of the series she greeted by Ms. Amy but in at least one book (Animal Hospital) she is greeted by Mr. Simon again showing that men and women can be teachers.. THANK YOU!


As she jumps into her adventures it is always with her friend Jack again showing that boys and girls can and should have adventures together. My daughter most her life has always had only a few close friends at school and most of the time her closest has been a boy, so it warmed my heart that these books showed this great partnership. Halfway through the story there is always an issue and Billie has an idea, “A Super-Duper idea”. Another hidden lesson, no matter the problem that you can work through the problem and find a solution (hello growth mindset).


At the end of each story Billie and Jack have resolved the issue and ended their adventure and they walk back into reality. BEST PART… they come back just as fruit snack is being served. It’s funny because we got a new book in the series recently and my daughter was so excited to see watermelon but she knew that every adventure ends with a healthy snack, talk about another great lesson on healthy eating habits!


The final page Billie always re-caps her adventures with her dad who again picks her up from preschool. Final lesson having conversations about your day with your parent (hint hint little girl that I can only get 3 words out of some days).


At my daughter’s age these are now an easier read for her so we have started to move to the Billie B Brown chapter book that follows this same character as she gets older. We still read this series on a weekly basis and when she finally grows out of these they will move to little brother’s room because they are just that good. If you want to order check out my Usborne party link here or all my classic kid book list on Amazon here.

I hope you get a chance to check out this series of books they really are amazing. If you enjoy some of my recommendations please join my closed Facebook Group!  I am constantly posting sales and deals as well as fun kid ideas like this. Also PLEASE visit me on Instagram!! Your love on IG helps me move this blogging adventure forward.

Hugs, Ry

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