Back to School-Let’s talk uniforms!

fullsizeoutput_2c41It’s almost here!!! My oldest entering the first grade… like real big kid school (enter crying emojis). To give you a little back story our kids have been in private daycare since they were three months old. My daughter could have gone to Kindergarten at our local public school last year but due to my husband’s job we were fearful that we would have to pull her out mid-year so we kept her in private. Luckily all the stars aligned and we are staying put a bit longer and she will leave the school she shares with her little brother and start at our local elementary school.

Since we have gone through a few years of her in uniforms and brother moving into them I feel like we have this covered! We have a school where the polos are branded so really you have flexibility with bottoms. My kids are on the tall/ skinny side (daddy’s genes not mine!) so there are quite a few brands that have been misses for us. Here are our favorites:

Target Cat & Jack uniforms

8k5ptqxbrckckqrirzsxq.jpgI love that Target carries toddler and big kid sizes because last year my daughter fell right in the middle. She loves “soft” clothes so trying to find pants, shorts and skirt in a knit was a challenge but we found these styles that made the short list. The pants she ended up not wearing as much because the waist was large on her and although they are adjustable she fell in love with the pants. The top shorts fit well towards the end of the year and the bottom slip on waist style never fit.. even after she turned six and they were a size 4/5! The biggest winner was the knit uniform scooter we ended up getting her a 4T in this to fit her waist since it’s not adjustable but the length was still good for being a toddler size. Second place was the girls pleated uniform scooter which has an adjustable waist and soft under-shorts. The great thing about Target is that around this time they have GREAT sales (today $5 polos and $10 pants) on their uniforms but buy NOW because the closer to start of school sizes and colors sell out.


Although you will pay more for these are the softest and fit my kids the BEST!!! The stretch Ponte pant (far right in picture) were finally long enough but also slim enough in the leg that the size 5 fit her perfectly through the entire year. We also got the pleated skirt but it didn’t win over the Cat & Jack because it does not have attached shorts so they got less love, but the 4-5 size fit great around her waist. We also picked up the midi short but because they did not fit great (too big) and because they were more stiff they immediately went back.

This year we are buying for the little guy and since he is going into preschool the elastic waist is still the easiest for him to pull on and off when he has to go potty on this own. The other requirement for little man is working pockets, I swear at any time he has 5 mini dinosaurs packed away and the kid needs pockets for his stuff! Of course he also got the preference for “soft” clothes so anything too stiff he will fight you on. We picked up the Broken Twill pull-on short with the soft elastic waistband and good front pockets they are a winner. The last style we picked up is the Chino 4 pocket pant (far left) and we have yet to try them on but like the fake front and back elastic for easy potty runs.

I know there are a ton of other places that carry good staples for uniforms like Gap, Children’s Place and Land’s End so tell me what are your favorites! Join the conversation on Facebook! 

Next time.. PBK backpacks and lunch bags what to buy?!

Hugs, Ry


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