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On Friday I helped the most amazing family unpack and re-organize their master closet in their new home. They are lucky to have an amazing walk in closet but they were out of time and ideas. I saw the space last week and started getting together a plan and started purchasing items! Here is what my car looked like when I pulled up to the home!

IMG_3865 2

I always start with hangers, they had a good amount of black velvet hangers but I ordered my favorite inexpensive Amazon Basics Hangers $39.99 for 100 and we used one box switching everything to black hangers.


The next step was organizing each section then coloring coding so make it much easier to find items. This family has a good amount of space so to make it visually appealing as you walk in both his and hers sides start with white and then go out to black.


The husband had a good amount of items that did not currently fit but wanted to hold on to them so I folded all the tops and place by size into The Container Store Sweater Boxes. This way it’s a reminder that he has these items ready to go but also in clear bins to quickly see exactly whats in there. These stack well and come in a variety of sizes.


The next step was organizing and styling her built-in shelves. I measured her shelves and first found these beautiful baskets (left) from The Container Store left but at $19.99 each I did not feel like they were the best value for needing 5 of them. I headed over to At Home which is a mega home store (think Costco meets Home Goods meets Container Store) and found these on the right for $4.99 each.


The only downside to At Home is it is very similar to Home Goods where each store has a bit different inventory and you can’t order online you just have to show up and see what they have. That was fine for this project because I was out of town and had my MIL with me to take the kids down each aisle and check stuff out while I looked around. Had I been on my own with a three year old wanting to touch everything I may have never found these 😂


So back to the shelves… once I found my inexpensive boxes I grabbed chalkboard bin clips $9.99/ 3 to label each of the bins foe things like gloves, baseball hats, knit hats, etc. Those small items that she uses occasionally but want to find quickly. Then I stuffed with paper and displayed her purses. When you have room in a beautiful closet like this I love putting purses on display because it helps you see what options you have but also bring some color to white shelves. I used this clear magazine holder $24.99 to help her clutches and small bags stand upright. She doesn’t have a ton of jewelry so this small round vanity tray $9.99 was perfect as a place to put things when she takes them off. I also brought in one of my favorite Target finds these cute little boxwood topiaries and she had a new candle we placed as well. We had such a great time getting this all organized and I hope that they love it as much as I loved putting it all together for them!

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Hugs, Ry

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