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A few years ago my friend Laura invited me to an online “party” where I was introduced to Wildtree. The company makes affordable meal solutions for busy families, I know what you are thinking yeah I’ve heard that before with every other “box” meal company. I want to just start off with what makes Wildtree different than other pre-prepped meal in a box programs.

Wildtree products accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences, including gluten-free, low-sugar, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and organic options. Wildtree Customers can solve their meal time needs based on their individual lifestyle with our Wildtree Fresh, Wildtree Kits, and Wildtree Wellness meal solutions.

Wildtree spices, rubs and grapeseed oils for healthy everyday cooking.
Yes, This is really my spice cabinet!

At the time I was working full time and raising a toddler so my hack was spending one day a month making meals and freezing them. I started off trying the meal kits by Wildtree where you can get 10 recipes and the “dry” ingredients (think spices and sauces) to make those recipes. I would buy the fresh produce and meats based on my preferences, which meant I hit up Costco and we were set! After trying a kit I realized that I liked some of the recipes better than others so I would just rebuy the ingredients for those that my family liked best since they are also sold individually. For a while I was just trucking along buying things here and there when my long time Wildtree rep Annie Alexander reached out to me and said “Hey Ryanne have you looked at all the new services Wildtree is offering?” My answer, “Um no Annie I wasn’t paying much attention.” This is when I’m lucky that other people come to my rescue sometimes and redirect me to good things!

Annie reminded me that not only does Wildtree have the make ahead meals kits and have the virtual pantry of your individual products where you can easily build a meal from stuff you have but they recently partnered with a company, PreSlicely that will send you precut and prepared produce and meats to make your meal kits.

Fast, Easy and Healthy Dinners for busy families. Sheet Pan Dinner by Wildtree fresh ingredients and product sent from PreSlicely.

I thought to myself well that sounds cool but is the stuff any good. That has been my issue with some of the other boxed meal companies especially when it comes to meat. It’s like How was that animal raised? How was it treated? Where did it come from? What about added hormones and antibiotics? Was its growth artificially accelerated to get to market sooner and reduce feed cost? So I took a look at PreSlicely, the company that has partnered with Wildtree.

For simplicity and transparency, they have 3 kinds of meat bundles you can purchase:

  • Value: The emphasis of this line is to enjoy the convenience of our service on a budget. 
  • Natural: In a conventional grocery store this may be advertised as “natural”. Products in this line are raised humanely, not injected with any growth hormones and are fed vegetarian diets. Chickens are raised cage free and treated with antibiotics if necessary.  Fish & Seafood is wild caught.
  • Family Farm: Pasture raised chicken, beef, & pork (this means they get to run around outside in the sunshine!), NEVER EVER treated with hormones or antibiotics, vegetarian fed, NO GMO or Soy, no preservatives or dyes. 100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef and Wild Caught Fish & Seafood
Fast, Easy and Healthy Dinners for busy families. Sheet Pan Dinner by Wildtree fresh ingredients and product sent from PreSlicely.

Once I learned a bit more about the ease of the ingredients getting shipped to me ready to go, the quality of meats and produce that were being used and my love for Wildtree meals I said ok I’m ready to try this out. Wildtree gifted me the meal kit and one week of PreSlicely to try it out. I landed on the Fresh Meal Sheet Pan kit since my kids love salmon and it sounded super easy to make.

First I was shipped the Wildtree products that included Roasted Garlic Grapeseed Oil, Seasoned Bread Crumbs, Scampi Blend, Cactus Pete’s Agave BBQ Sauce and Teriyaki Sauce. Then Annie and I landed on a date for my fresh ingredients from PreSlicely to arrive. They came packaged well in a thick insulated cooler and ice packs. Each package was dated to ensure that I knew when to use by and what meal it was intended for. Once everything was loaded into the refrigerator it was time to get cooking.

Fresh Vegetables shipped straight to your door with PreSlicely.

Teriyaki Salmon

The first thing I realized when making this meal was, holy cow this is a lot of food! I forgot that each of the recipe has the servings and the Teriyaki Salmon serves 4 adults. We ended up with a good amount of left overs which works our well since I work from home and it made yummy lunches later on and it made another kid meal later in the week (see sausage night).

Fast, Easy and Healthy Dinners for busy families. Sheet Pan Dinner by Wildtree fresh ingredients and product sent from PreSlicely.

Family Feedback: Kids loved the flavor of the salmon, ate some of the asparagus asked for baby carrots and were not even willing to try the red peppers. I loved the salmon as well (my husband doesn’t like salmon at all so I saved the rest for lunches) we both liked the asparagus, red peppers and roasted carrots.

BBQ Chicken Dinner & Breaded Chicken Breasts

Since after meal one I realized ok I need to take a look at these portion sizes I realized that this recipe said it serves 6 so I split the ingredients that I had to make both the BBQ Chicken Dinner and the Breaded Chicken Breasts at the same time. To do this I placed all the veggies on one pan and roasted them all together. I will say my green beans were a bit overdone and my red potatoes were a bit under done (I just popped those in the toaster oven and they were crispy in a few minutes). Luckily I made both because with my two kids one liked the BBQ chicken and the other liked the Breaded Chicken #momwin!

Family Feedback: My daughter said that the BBQ sauce was too spicy with this chicken so she opted for the breaded and loved it. My son likes a bit more spice so he downed this no problem. Both of them again refused the red peppers (ugh) but ate the broccoli. I gave my husband the other BBQ chicken breasts and he loved all of it. I ate the rest of my daughters and liked the flavor but could see how she thought it was a bit spicy.

Family Feedback: My daughter said that this was delicious, she loved the chicken and both my kids adore roasted potatoes. They ate some of the green beans but didn’t love (they were also slightly overdone so I didn’t push). My husband devoured it all.

Wildtree Make Fresh Meal Breaded Chicken Breasts

Garlic Parmesan Sausage & Veggies

For this meal I had used half of the roasted potatoes and green beans to go with the Breaded Chicken but had the full amount of red peppers and broccoli left. This meal also serves 6 and since the red peppers had not been a big hit with the kids I cut up the fresh ones a little finer and they went in my husband’s lunch. I tossed the sausage and potatoes with the Scampi Blend and covered with the parmesan cheese since I had a feeling the rest of the veggies would need to be cooked separately since the kids were getting picky on what they were willing to eat.

Family Feedback: Honestly neither kid was willing to try this one, something about stuff on the sausage (aka cheese) so they ended up with left over salmon. My husband and I both loved this, the sausage had a great flavor from the cheese and Scampi blend. The red peppers and broccoli was a bit overdone by this time of the week though.

Overall the ease of the pre-cut veggies and high quality meat was amazing through PreSlicely. I told Annie some of my concerns about the portion sizes and she said good news, they are now offering half size bundles. Also since I realized maybe some of the veggies were not for us they have meat only options as well!

For more information or to get a FREE consultation contact Annie Alexander at wildtreewithannie@gmail.com. For my readers she is offering free shipping on orders $50 or more with code 88FCE6 but it is only good until April 18th so order today!


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The Wildtree meal kit and PreSlicely were gifted by Annie Alexander with Wildtree. The photographs, cooking, crazy amount of Wildtree products I had already owned and opinions are all my own.

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