Fall Business Casual Workwear Capsule

It’s here!! This is my biggest (and can I say my favorite) workwear capsule I’ve ever put together. While I know I have a lot of you looking for more casual business attire I always try and give a bit more business casual with options to dress each outfit down or up a bit.

This year I’m doing things a bit different, this is not a one and done blog post. In this post you will find the 17 core pieces and capsule like styling. Then as the season progresses I’m going to show my VIP email subscribers alternatives for each item and even more styling options.

So let’s get started!!


The first step is always looking up the Pantone colors of the season. These are released twice a year and gives me a great insight on the color palette I will start to see retailers use in the upcoming season. This also gives me a chance to look in my closet and see do I have pieces that are “close enough”. 

For example the sweater blazer I used in the capsule is darker than this season’s rust color “Caramel Cafe” but I know that it would still work with the other colors I chose.

Blazer | Blouse | Jeans | Flats

While I love seeing the pops of hot pink and bright yellow for fall I went with a more classic palette. Now within the capsule I played with tones of these colors. You will see a brighter red blouse with caramel and olive. Also a rust colored cardigan that is in-between Lava Falls and Caramel Cafe. Getting some “in-between” colors helps mixing and matching while still having everything coordinate. 

So“Navy” is not technically a color of the season it is in place of Polar Night which was a bit too grey/ blue and harder to find for a stapled clothing piece so I went with navy. 

Dress | Navy Trousers | Brown Trousers | Floral Blouse | Cardigan | Brown Blazer | Green Blazer


After I pick the colors I go and look for the items. This year I picked from a variety of retailers to show you my FAVORITE pieces from across my closet. Some are new, some are old but all are amazing. With that said here is the shopping list and my sizing recommendations.

I’m 5’5, size 12 with 36/38DD chest. TTS is short for true to size based on size guides and other items from that brand.


  • Long Cream Cardigan – Old Navy (size down, need M) 
  • Brown Sweater Blazer – J.Crew (size down, need M) 
  • Rust Cardigan – Amazon (tts, L) 
  • Plaid Blazer – Amazon (tts, L) 
  • Red Blazer – Gibsonlook (tts, L)
  • Green Blazer – Gibsonlook (tts, L)


  • Cream Cami – Nordstrom (tts, L) 
  • Floral Cream Blouse – Gibsonlook (tts, L) 
  • Navy Blouse – Amazon (tts, L) 
  • Red Tank Blouse – Amazon (tts, L) 
  • Navy Floral Blouse – Old Navy (tts, L) 




Now this is the BEST PART because while you might see many capsules hardly anyone actually buys it all and tries it on, but I do! This way you can see each piece, how it fits how the colors actually look together! Plus it gives you an image you can come back to when you are looking in your closet thinking.. “WHAT should I wear?!”

To make it as easy as possible I’m organizing these by “tops” but I will be showing even more in a 6 week set up for my email subscribers. FOR FREE, yes friends other accounts charge $100+ for seasonal capsules but being on my list costs nothing, you just have to open up the goodness.

Dress | Navy Trousers | Brown Trousers | Floral Blouse | Cardigan | Brown Blazer | Pumps


Plaid Blazer | Cami | Bootcut Pants | Pumps | Necklace 1 | Necklace 2 | Bag

Red Blazer | Cami | Skirt | Pumps | Tote | Necklace 1 | Necklace 2

Red Cardigan | Cami | Green Pants | Flats | Necklace

Green Blazer | Cami | Belt | Blue Trousers | Pumps | Bag


Red Cardigan | Printed Blouse | Bootcut Pants | Flats

Plaid Blazer | Printed Blouse | Blue Skirt | Flats

Brown Blazer | Printed Blouse| Belt | Green Pants | Pumps | Bag

Cardigan | Printed Blouse | Blue Trousers | Flats | Tote


Green Blazer | Blue Top | Bootcut Pants | Pumps | Tote

Brown Blazer | Blue Top | Belt | Skirt | Pumps | Necklace

Red Blazer | Blue Top | Green Pants | Flats | Necklace

Plaid Blazer | Blue Top | Belt | Blue Trousers | Pumps | Necklace | Tote


Cardigan | Red Blouse | Bootcut Pants | Flats | Necklace

Red Cardigan | Red Blouse | Skirt | Pumps | Necklace

Cardigan | Red Blouse | Green Pants | Flats | Necklace

Red Blazer | Red Blouse | Blue Trousers | Pumps | Necklace | Bag


Red Blazer | Printed Blouse | Bootcut Pants | Pumps | Necklace

Cardigan | Printed Blouse | Skirt | Pumps | Tote | Necklace

Brown Blazer | Printed Blouse | Green Pants | Pumps | Necklace

Dark Brown Blazer | Printed Blouse | Blue Trousers | Pumps | Necklace | Earrings


Plaid Blazer | Red Dress | Flats

Green Blazer | Red Dress | Pumps

Cardigan | Red Dress | Belt | Tote | Pumps

Red Blazer | Red Dress | Pumps


Dress | Pumps | Necklace | Bag

Red Blazer | Dress | Pumps | Necklace

Red Cardigan | Dress | Pumps | Tote | Necklace

Cardigan | Dress | Flats | Necklace

I hope you love this season’s workwear. As a reminder if it’s still hot where you live take off the top layer! Then as the season progresses add it back in. If you have a more casual work environment add a pair of dark wash jeans and sub for any “navy” bottom and you have a great looking casual business outfit.

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  1. 8.4.22
    Emily said:

    This was so great. It is hard to think about fall while it is so hot but I have a new job and this has me inspired! Thank you!

  2. 8.4.22
    Kristine Thompson said:

    I used to get your email but they stopped. How can i get them to resume?Love the blog!

  3. 8.13.22
    Danielle said:

    I am a little obsessed with this capsule – it’s my favorite fall capsule wardrobe I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure I should ask – but what would it cost to buy the whole thing? I’m thinking of trying it but replacing a few of the items with similar things I already own.

    • 8.20.22
      Ryanne Janca said:

      That’s a great question I did not calculate the entire cost

  4. 8.28.22
    Angela said:

    Thank you for this! I have the Liverpool trousers in blue and have been lost on how to style them and what shoes to pair with them. You have inspired me and I will keep referring to this post for guidance!

  5. 9.22.22
    Jeanine said:

    I love these colors and am inspired, I have a new business professional job, I’m so used to wearing black and casual, thanks!

  6. 10.9.22
    JT said:

    Love it! Working on a similar wardrobe for this fall. This is so inspiring! Thank you!