Fall Family Picture Outfits

Fall Family Outfits // 3 color schemes for fall photos

Fall family pictures!! If being a mom isn’t stressful enough we decide that we are going to coordinate calendars, buy outfits and attempt for everyone to look at the camera at the same time (yeah right). Let me help you will at least one part of that OUTFITS! Today I’m sharing 3 color schemes using this season’s Pantone colors.

What are the Pantone colors of fall/ winter 2020/ 2021?! Well it’s the colors that are seen over and over in the fashion week then adapted into the colors you will see in your stores now. I like focusing my yearly picture outfits around these because unlike heading to Pintrest and just searching for outfits you know that these colors will be easy to find in stores right now as well as easier to mix and match.


Now I’ve been doing these color schemes for the past two years see 2019 here and 2018 here and I always get the request for bigger families. Here is the trick I have linked options for men, women, teens, kids and toddlers. If you have two girls and no boys just take the colors from the boys side and do them in girls clothes. All teens, just use the same colors of the kids in all adult clothing.

The next tip I will say is tight plaids can bleed so be careful! I typically go for solids but with bigger families you will need to break it up with some patterns. Let me give you an example from last year. In person my husband’s button down is a red/ blue plaid in person it matched the color of my daughter’s dress exactly. Although due to editing and the tight plaid it turned a weird blend/ purple color in a lot of the pictures. He would have been better off in a larger red plaid to coordinate with my daughter.

Our outfits are from 2019 but similar here:

This color scheme is very close to the colors that we wore last year except it’s hard to find that yellow/ mustard tone of my dress so that has been replaced with amber glow you see this year. At many retailers you are going to see that as ginger or orange. Mixed with blue and samba red it’s perfect for outdoor photos in the thick of fall leaf turning time.



This color scheme is what they consider the “classic core colors” of the season I love using these in all my color schemes because they are easy to find and classic year after year. Although the tones will vary, for example last year we saw a more washed out/ brighter green and this year the military olive with more brown has stepped in. When matching from various retailers it’s easiest to search “olive” and find a similar tone versus “green”. I love this with pops of camo so that is a fun print to add when you need a pop of something different.



This might be my favorite color scheme because it lends to such classic looks, camel, navy and red are always in style. I love this brand called Hope & Henry on Amazon that has a ton for options for the entire family all in organic cotton. They also have a section designed for family outfitting placing similar color schemes together in family outfits. This way when you are trying to match two reds you know it’s going to be the same shade!!



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