Fall Home Decor

It’s that time of year where the stores are filled with fall leaves and pumpkins and I want to DECORATE!! Unfortunately since we will be selling our home and soon taking interior pictures I have to wait on making it look too seasonal so instead I’m sharing some of my decor from last year and some of the items I’ve picked up for later this season and THE NEW HOUSE (more on that to come)!

Greenery | Wicker Pumpkin | Green + White Pumpkins | Candle Holder | Table Runner | Place Mat

Faux Leather Charger | Plate | Linens | Napkin Ring | Silverware | Wine Glass

Table | Red Plant | Orange Pumpkin | White Pumpkin | Vase | Leaves

While I love a table scarf I found this new Target plaid runner and it’s so much more practical and affordable compared to my PB table scarf. I love a layered look with my placemats but they don’t have to cost a ton adding an affordable faux leather charger makes a huge statement.  

As the season progresses I add small pumpkins AND my biggest trick is grabbing some wood floral picks at a craft store, snipping the bottoms and layering them in. Typically we will also let the kids get small pumpkins through the season and most of them end up on the table too.

When it comes to our side board table I love this Target vase and I can change out my greenery to more fall stems as the season progresses.

Gather Napkin Holder | Faux Leather Charger | Plate | Linens | Napkin Ring

Greenery | Candle Holder | Candles | Vase | Wine Glass

Linen Pillow | Fleece Pillow | Pumpkin Pillow | Faux Leaves | Vase | White Pumpkin | Beige Pumpkin

Medium Candle Holder | Large Candle Holder | Wooden Pumpkin Wall Art | Plaid Wall Art

Tray | Plant | Wicker Pumpkin | White Ceramic Pumpkin | Candle | Towel | Basket

In our current home we have a LARGE tall ceiling that I need a big piece of artwork above the mantle but in the new home it will be a stone facade up the wall. I love these plaid pictures layered with smaller accent pictures and candle sticks.

Also as much as I thought these Pottery Barn pillow covers would be seasonal it’s what we keep on our couch year round because they are so neutral so adding a fun pumpkin and stitched pillow brings in the season.

I’m not 100% sure what I did with my gold tray but last year I didn’t fully LOVE the wheat grass so I was happy to find this new small accent plant. Also the pumpkins from Target this is are on POINT! While I don’t have them out yet I bought 6 in various styles and sizes to spread through the house.

Linen Pillow | Fleece Pillow | Vase | Faux Leaves

Wicker Pumpkin | White Ceramic Pumpkin | Red Plant | Tray

Magnolia Dried Wreath | Hopps Wreath | Grey Doormat | Welcome Mat | Hello Pumpkin Mat

Candle Holders | Light Fixture | Flickering Light Bulb | Planter | Wicker Basket | Mini Cedar Pine Trees

Big White Pumpkin | Orange Pumpkin | Green Pumpkin | Small White Pumpkin

We have a very narrow doorstep so it’s hard to add a ton of decor but a layered mat and some lanterns fit perfectly. For the 2nd year I have hired Porch Pumpkins to decorate our front steps with real pumpkins but last year it was nice to have some faux pumpkins to fill in the space and around the door.

I love that there are a bunch of sizes and colors to choose from but I’m grabbing white and green Cinderella styles. This year I’ve also added some round urns to the tops of our pillars and filled them with greenery and seasonal flowers.

When we were looking at the new house in Colorado I also scoped out my new steps and porch and I’m so excited that next year I’ll have more space for the evergreens and baskets!

Candle Holders | Grey Doormat | Welcome Mat | Light Fixture

Wreath | White Pumpkins | Orange Pumpkins

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