Gibsonlook Family Photo Dresses

It’s that time of the year when I get a BUNCH of requests for outfit ideas for family photos and nearly every year I have said, yeah I got nothing for you! This summer though I know there are so many families that are finally getting to see grandparents and extended family for close to a year and a half and take some long overdue pictures.

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos

I realized a long time ago when planning out photos for fall pictures (see last fall ideas here) that it’s easiest if I start with what I want to wear, then a color scheme, then everyone else. Today I’m sharing 4 new dresses from Gibsonlook that are great for summer family photos and then what everyone else can wear.

I need to mention that while we don’t have 3 kids I wanted to show both little and teen girl options since my daughter is kind of in the middle. Also if you have all boys or all girls switch out the exact item but keep the color and the overall family esthetic looks the same.

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The first color scheme is probably the one I see the most on beaches and for big family photos, ALL white! This color scheme makes it easy for everyone to find something many times in their own closet BUT finding that “right white dress” can be difficult.

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos

Teen Maxi Dress | Mens White Shirt | Mens Shorts | Girls Dress | Maxi Dress | Boys White Shirt | Boys Shorts

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos

Pin Dot Long Tiered Dress
Fit Tips: size down if in-between I prefer M

This high neck Gibsonlook dress is great for pictures because unlike others I’ve tried the lining goes almost too the bottom so no mid thigh see through effect. Also this is stretchy and soft so very comfortable if you are doing outdoor pics. This does also come in a beautiful light blue if you want that blue and white look.

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos


The next color scheme is all about COLOR! If you one of those families with a vibrant personality it’s time to show it! I love that this idea can also work with large generational pictures where each “family” has a color but then then mix them up standing grouped together and then all mixed up. You can really play around with this vibrant idea. This season searching coral, aqua, turquoise, pink, yellow and orange bought back tons of fun options.

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos

Button Front Maxi | Mens Polo | Mens Pants | Girls Pink Maxi | Ruffle Sleeve Maxi | Boys polo | Boys Pants

Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos

Flutter Ruffle Sleeve Maxi Dress | Tote
Fit Tips: size down if in-between, M

The dress I’m wearing is a NEW arrival from Gibsonlook that you all saw as a sneak preview and immediately asked, “Where is that from?!!” I love the woven fabric, long length and flutter sleeve on this dress. It is fully lined to the bottom so again great for photos because nothing will be showing through. Also the v-neck is modest enough for bending and wearing a regular bra.

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos


For years I have felt like I should have grown up on the East Coast with classic preppy clothes and lobster boils on the beach. Instead I’m a mix of Cali girl, NM and Texas so my style is all over the place. I still love though a classic navy & white and for families it’s easy to find. I love that this year I was able to find some fun gingham to add some additional print or you can do just solids.

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos

One shoulder top | White mini skirt | Mens White Shirt | Mens Shorts | Girls Ginham Dress | White Eyelet Dress | Boys Gigham Shirt | Boys Shorts

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos

Eyelet Dress
Fit Tips: size down if in-between, M

This Gibsonlook dress is the most amazing white dress because it has that mix of stretchy, pretty and lightweight. It’s also fully lined with a a ruffle high neck detail and shoulder so you can wear a regular bra. This dress also ran a bit big and while I’m wearing a large I still had plenty of room in the chest and body so size down if in-between.

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos #whitedress


The final color scheme is great for beach family photos. It’s mixture of pinks, blues and tan really look stunning on a sandy beach. While I’m lucky to have men that can ROCK some light pink I put the girls in pink and boys in blue (but feel free to mix it all around). In the boys bottoms I try and go for the lightest khaki color I can find called “stone” at Vineyard Vines. I also opt for their guys pants because if it’s warm these are lighter weight and breathable.

Summer Family Photo Outfits | Beach Family Photos #familyphotos #summerdress #maxidress #familyphotoideas #beachfamilyphotos

Ruffle Romper | Mens Vineyard Vines Shirt | Mens Pants | Girls Pink Maxi | Stripe Midi Dress | Boys Short Sleeve Top | Boys Shorts

Gibsonlook Family Photo Dresses

Ruffle Sleeve Smocked Dress
Fit Tips: Runs more true to size, L

This dress I saw in a preview from Gibsonlook and begged to get it as fast as possible! I knew I would love the light pink and with the ruffle and smocking it’s feminine and pretty. This dress has a long cotton lining so it was GREAT at my son’d graduation where it was 90 degrees and humid (it soaked up the sweat lol). The midi length is also great for those perfect running into the waves pics.

Gibsonlook Family Photo Dresses


Gibsonlook Family Photo Dresses

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