Gift Guide // For the Pups

Mini Dog Treat Maker I love my mini waffle maker but this dog treat one was too cute! Make your pup’s favorite baked treat at home.

Yeti Bowl I first got a Yeti bowl for Bailey towards the end of his life and it’a one of the few things I kept. When we got Cider I used this for her outdoor bowl and she would scratch at the door just to go outside to drink out of it. Let’s just say we now have a few!

Bindle Puppy Pack Outdoor Dog Water Bottle with 12oz Collapsible Bowl – We love this travel water/ snack carrier and it even has a place for mom’s phone!

Kuddler Dog Bed My pup is such a cuddler and she loves being close but after one too many times almost rolling over her paws with my office chair it was time to get her a bed to nap in.

Waterhog Pet Bowl Mat These mats are saviors!! They look greta but also REALLY soak up the water getting spilled.

Chilly Penguin Freezable Treat Holding Dog Toy I’ve been looking for some holiday toys and this chilly penguin looked so greta as a pup gift. You can freeze treats in it and then have you pup lick them out

Twist Toss Rubber Chew Toy We love toys that make our puppy think, this one bounces off kilter and you can stash treats inside.

Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy I talked about this snuggle puppy that has a insert heartbeat it was the only thing that calmed down our puppy when she left her brother and got her sleeping through the night within the first week.

Custom Dog Name Wood Bone Ornament We love these ornaments but they also make great gift tags so grab one in a dog bone size for that sweet pup in your life.

Plaid Dog Collar This cute collar is perfect for the holidays and love the gold leash attachment

Custom Dog Coat for those of you that love dressing your pup in a comfy coat this one is holiday ready!

Pet Selfie Smartphone Attachment Dog Selfie Stick I don’t have this but I feel like I need it to get those picture perfect tilt head pics of my puppy before she is fully grown.

Blue Buffalo Holiday Santa Snacks Oatmeal & Cinnamon Crunchy Dog Treats We love the Blue Buffalo brand and these Santa snacks are just too cute!

Stainless Steel Pet Food Storage Can We just got this and I wonder why it took me so long! It has a magnetic hoop on the top of the lid, wheels on the back for easy in and out plus a simple yet effective clamp down lid.

Boat & Tote Zip Top Cotton Canvas Bag Pup needs her own travel bag and these from LL Bean are so sturdy.

Cookie Sheet Squeaky Toy While they may not be allowed to eat all the Christmas cookies your pup will love this cute squeaky toy

Skinneeez Crinklers Cow Stuffing-Free Squeaky Dog Toy Cider LOVES these crinkle and squeak toys that come in a variety of animals.

Santa Wubba Kong Our pups have LOVED their Wubbas and grab this Santa or Reindeer for their stockings

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