Gift Guide // Teachers under $30

OK, OK, Teachers I heard you load and clear.. no more mugs, bath & body works (which I don’t use) and cheeky “teacher” stuff. You want money and stuff you can use, got it! Now for those of us who still like to give a GIFT I had to think outside of the box, talk with a bunch of teachers and get some ideas that you may have NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

I’ve been told that certain areas do have cost restrictions on gifts so I limited everything to under $30. As a working mom I also want easy so after each gift idea I tried to add some cute gift tag idea!

Personalized Calendar $26-This weekly calendar is small enough to easily slip into a bag but can also be made as a journal or monthly planner.

Erin Condren Personalized Stationary $19.20 (currently 20% off) love this watercolor apples print. TAG IDEA

SCOUT INSULATED LUNCH BOX $26– This brand makes adorable lunch bags, totes and bags. Have teacher show up to lunch in style! TAG IDEA

Teacher MiniEmergency Kit $17.95– I have a similar version of this in my car and I used to have one in my office and used it a TON when I was in a pinch I love this teacher version! TAG IDEA

ShedRain Reversible Umbrella $20 At this age many teachers have car line or walking out duty so get them the BEST umbrella. TAG IDEA

Read It, Love It, Return It Stamp Self inking stamp $22.91– Teachers LOVE their book collections so help them get them back! TAG IDEA

Teacher Self Inking Stamps for papers $14.97 When I talked with my teacher friend about stickers for papers she said naw teachers with older kids don’t have time for that just grab a stamp so here you go- set of stamps!

Wallies Removable Chalkboard Panels $19.95 I heard a lot of teachers say they love items for their classroom and these removable chalkboard days of the week can let kiddos know what is going on but not get in trouble with the higher ups!

TUL Retractable Gel Pens $18.97 Although I know a lot of teachers love their Sharpies but if you like to grade in bad (not judging) you might want a good pen that won’t stain. TAG IDEA

Erin Condren Dual Tip Markers $29.60– Now this 3 pack of popular Erin Condren markers will totally make your teacher smile they are normally $46.50 but grab them on sale right now! TAG IDEA

Teacher Tote with USB charger $29.99 This bag is listed as one of the best bags from teachers and there is no surprise why it carries a ton AND it has an external USB port talk about SMART!

TARGET GIFT CARDS– This might be the #1 request but make them cute with this editable gift TAG IDEA

Empty Candy Box $2.99– I’m sure you are thinking WHAT?! This was the MOST FUN IDEA to give your favorite teacher their favorite present… CASH! Fold up dollar bills, 5s, 10s and then wrap it up, they think it’s a box of candy but what they get is even sweeter. TAG IDEA



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