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A friend of mine was asking for suggestions for her 18 month old but said, “NO TOYS, she has enough toys!” I started to think about the amount of things our kids have and realized they don’t play with MOST of them. The fad toys that are fun for about an hour get stuffed in a drawer or a basket only to be pulled out on that rare occasion they are searching through it to find something else. There are a few types of toys though that have stayed tried and true, these are things that my daughter got when she was little and stills plays with along with her brother as they have gotten older. I am going to start an ongoing series leading up to the holidays talking about these types of toys.


The first type of toy in this category is colorful wood blocks and we are LOVING this set that was gifted to us from my friends at HABA USA called Mod Blocks. This set is different than many we have because the 21 shapes that have a variety of designs and colors! I love that as they build different structures they are working on S-T-E-M skills (take a look at how determined little girl was on building hers “just right” lol). Getting each one to stack just right or fit together really makes them think about shapes and gasp… MATH! Don’t you love when they think they are playing but really they are learning too 😉.


HABA has been a big favorite in our house for a long time because they have high quality toys including these blocks which are treated with non-toxic water based stain so mamas can feel good about the safety. Another set we had when the kids were even younger is the Discovery Blocks Set. These are great for 12m+ because they can mouth them without concern but also have different sounds and colors they can explore. I wish I could take a picture of ours but after two kids they were still in wonderful shape and we passed them on to a friend to enjoy as well!

LRG_DSC01984 3

The next on our wish list is the Fantasy Blocks Set because the kids love building together so adding 26 more with added shapes and hologram foil will be amazing! Check out all the different HABA block sets on Amazon.

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