Hair Tutorial | Center Part with Loose Waves

Recently I did a video of my current hair routine for a center part and loose waves and I got a TON of requests to slow it down and share all the products and tools I use so here it is! First I want to mention that I find it really easy to grab my beauty items from because they have a ton of brands that I love with free shipping and returns.

Olaplex Bond Maintenance Set | Olaplex No.9 | R+Co Outer Space Hair Spray | Oribe Hair Oil | T3 Fit | T3 Trio | T3 Luca ID Flat Iron

I also love that Nordstrom has some great value sets like the Olaplex Bond Maintenance Set that includes the No. 3 in a jumbo size! This really helps keep my hair healthy while using heat on a regular basis.


Olaplex No. 4 | Olaplex No. 5

About every 3-4 days I wash my hair with Olaplex 4 & 5. Times when my hair is feeling dry I will do a longer treatment process which starts with the No.3 Treatment, then wash with No.4 and use the No.8 Mask for about 15 minutes. I do this longer process maybe once every 2 weeks.


Olaplex No.9

After I towel dry my hair I use the No. 9 Hair Serum. This has heat protectant as well has help smooth frizziness and adds shine. It’s a thicker serum feeling and I just use one pump.

Olaplex No.9


T3 Fit

When I first got my T3 Fit it was for traveling but I ended up loving the lighter weight and how it dried my hair so much it quickly became my every day hairdryer and I’ve been using this for about the last year. I typically do an all over power dry getting it about 90% dry then I will use a 2.5″ round brush to smooth as much as I can to fully dry.


T3 Luca ID Flat Iron

Now this step in my routine is fairly new but it helps my hair now that I have been doing a center part. When I first started styling my hair this way I was really concerned with my grays showing and sticking out corse hair (because I have so many wiry grey hairs). I recently got the T3 Luca ID Flat Iron and before I curl I will smooth just at the root of my part.

The T3 Luca is pretty pricey but that’s because it has a ton of intuitive controls to only use the exact heat needed for your hair. It has 9 settings that you customize based on your hair texture, length and color. Then it also has a “refresh” setting on days 2 & 3 where you can use less heat. If this model is out of your budget try the Luca 1″ Flat Iron, still a great tool just not so many bells and whistles on the settings.

T3 Luca ID Flat Iron


T3 Trio

Lately I’ve loved a big loose wave with my center part. Doing a tighter curl feels a little too 70s Charlie’s Angels but I’m not 100% that I’m keeping the center part so I like keeping my barrel size options open. That’s why I LOVE the T3 Trio. I comes with 3 removable barrel sizes so depending on how I’m styling my hair I can choose how tight of a curl I want.

It comes with a 1.5″, 1.25″ and 1″ clip barrel that easily snaps onto the base. I use the 1.5″ for my loose waves.


R+Co Outer Space Hair Spray

This is not really step 6, it’s kinda step 5.5 because I spray my hair in-between curling. I clip up half my hair, curl the bottom half, hair spray then take down the top half, curl, then hairspray.

I’ve tried a TON of hairsprays through the years and the R+Co Outer Space has that perfect balance of hold without feeling crunchy.


Oribe Hair Oil

Ok shhhh, I was doing this step wrong for awhile! In my video I use it after I blow dry but before I curl. I recently got my hair cut and my stylist said “Girl, NO! Use that last!! It can conduct heat because it’s an oil!” Oops! So now after I curl my hair I use this hair oil as the final smoothing and finishing to redefine the curls and add shine.

R+Co Outer Space Hair Spray

After I add my hair oil I typically come back for one last spritz of hairspray and then DONE! On days that I go from wash to finished hair it typically takes me about 30-45 min. On days that I’m styling from dry maybe 10-15 min max.

T3 Fit | T3 Trio | T3 Luca ID Flat Iron | Zella Tee (L) | Zella Joggers (L)

So that’s my full routine! I hope that it helped to slow down, show each step and give you my full list of products. As I mentioned everything I use on a daily basis I can find at and have it shipped free!

Olaplex Bond Maintenance Set | Olaplex No.9 | R+Co Outer Space Hair Spray | Oribe Hair Oil | T3 Fit | T3 Trio | T3 Luca ID Flat Iron

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Professional Photos by Audrie Dollins. This post is created in collaboration with Nordstrom and LTK, but all product selections, opinions and styling are my own.

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