Holiday Home Decor 2023

It’s been a long year in the making but I am sooo excited to be sharing our new Colorado home for the holidays!

If you are new here we moved from Texas to the Denver area a week before Christmas in 2022. Since this home was still being built we moved into a temporary house for three months which was not the original plan, but we made it work! During that time I dreamed about decorating this home and seeing snow tipped trees from our windows and now WE ARE HERE so come in and enjoy with us.

Sweater | Jeans

Last year we opted for a real tree because all my faux trees were in storage and to be honest I missed this Amazon tree! I love the flocked look and even after 4 years it still looks great. While I would love to be able to link all my ornaments and ribbon I FIRMLY believe that you do not need all new decorations each year.

Christmas Tree | Tree Base | Tree Star | Brown Ornament Set

I’ve had a neutral gold and silver tree for years so most of our ornaments have been collected over years of travel and fun finds at boutiques and home stores. This year though I wanted to add a little more depth with brown and deeper gold so I did find some good sets at Target.

Norfolk Garland | Pine Garland | Similar Stockings | Twinkle Lights

While I do miss my more grand fireplace with no TV I feel Iike I made this space still feel like us without burning a faux fur stocking or blocking the tv. To give the garland a bit more fullness I mixed real touch Norfolk pine with a more full pine garland.

On the coffee table I added some ornaments, fresh springs, and pinecones to a bowl. Then I decided to grab some bells as my decor on top of a sock of books (I ended up replacing them all with holiday themed books). The I replaced my black candlesticks with these brushed gold ones. The last step I did replace these faux candles with these from amazon that have a real wick look and remote!

Candlesticks | Candles | Bells | Holiday Books | Ornaments | Similar Bowl

Similar Chair | Throw Blanket | Pillow  | Side Table | Lamp | Marble Coasters | Similar Small Tree Set | Rustic Tree | Similar Cake Stand | Similar Sprigs

Similar Artwork Table | Baskets | Lamp | 40″ Faux Tree | 20″ Faux Tree | Standing Deer | Sitting Deer | Blanket

Our entry table also has a small bit of decor, so it still feels like I’m walking into my home! In the move we had a couple of reindeer that were brown so I went on the hunt to find replacements. I was SO shocked by the look and quality of these from Amazon.

In our home we have a few console tables and this one is right outside my bedroom. I really wanted a very serene but festive look. I framed an older pic of my kids and added a bunch of faux greenery and trees that we had from previous years.

Similar Trees | Console Table | Mirror | Gold Frame | Tree Artwork | Wood Beads | Reindeer | Vase | Similar Faux Stems

Sweater (L) | Jeans (14)

In our bedroom I continued the very neutral holiday theme with this new screensaver I found for our frame tv! I love that I have the look of a picture with the functionality of a tv and with a $4 Etsy theme it really makes the mood! Plus these new little reindeer play off the wood tones of our bed and add that nordic vibe.

Frame TV | Tree screensaver | Dresser | Vase | Cypress Garland | Faux Stems | Reindeer | Similar Bowl | Ornaments

Heading into the basement we have our “kid” space filled with fun colors and all our collection of nutcrackers. As soon as we found this house I always envisioned a hot chocolate bar where the kids could get a yummy drink while watching a movie or coming straight in from the snow.

Red PJ Set | Popcorn Cup

Plaid Throw Blanket | Similar Nutcracker Pillow | Merry Christmas Sign

Keurig | Coffee Cups | The Nutcracker Candle | Similar Wood Trees | Canisters | Snowflake Marshmallows | Hot Chocolate Maker | Similar Joy Sign

Swig Mugs Nutcracker | Ho Ho Ho Mug | Mug Stand

I hope you enjoyed this tour of our home! We are so excited to be settled in and spending our first Christmas here.

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