It’s POOL Time.. Well Almost!

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It’s spring in Texas which means that we are soaking up every single moment of nice weather before we get hit with sweltering summer heat. If you have been around for a bit then you heard all the pool building saga last year (we were delayed 2 months basically missing the entire summer).

This is the first time in many months that we have brushed off the pollen, pulled out our swimsuits and really started enjoying our new POOL! Since last year I never really got to give a backyard tour I figured I would give you a little tour of where I’ll be spending the next few months.

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One of the biggest hurdles about our backyard is that it is on a pretty considerable slope. When we designed the new space we added a good amount of concrete to the left side of the pool to allow for more seating and walkway to get in and out of the hot tub.

We used a local pool builder called Jett Aquatics that really helped me go through the design and build process. They recommended a 18,000 gallon pool with 6ft deep end, 3 ft shallow end, hot tub and tanning ledge. I added some extra seating in the deep end and a finger ledge for swim safety.

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Soma Swimsuit (tts, L)

My husband didn’t initially love but I love the brighter blue tile I chose but I LOVE the look of the 1×1 glass tile called Riviera Maya. The coping is a Turkish Silver tumbled travertine, the ledger stone is a Turkish silver splitface in 6×24 size and the plaster is Esparza’s Peerless Pebble in Harbor Tropical Blue.

I’m putting all these selections here because I found trying to figure out all the materials the HARDEST part!! Another detail that was super important to me was the tile inlay at the steps and seating for visibility.

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Swig Cup | Sunglasses

Once the pool was completed (well really when the concrete went in) we started looking at chaise lounge options for this area by the entrance of the pool. My friend Ashley recommended these from Amazon because they come in a set of two with cushion and cover for under $500.

Now I will warn you, they are a PAIN to put together!! Mr. TRM complained through most of it but was smart and then got the help of Miss A to complete the project. You can slightly feel the bar through the cushion and while the side table seems like a good idea it’s really not level enough to hold a full drink.

Seeing that Cider has trampled all over these I’m not heartbroken that we went the affordable route and maybe after puppy stages we invest in a new set.

Chaise Set of Two | Lumbar pillow | Target Faux Plant

The other purchase we made was a seating area for this expanded side of the patio. I knew I wanted to have some sort of hang out area but went back and forth on the configuration.

This set from Costco came with a sofa, two arm chairs, two ottomans, coffee table and side table for under $2700 and delivered quickly! Now in hindsight I still wish this was a sectional and I want swivel chairs but again needed somewhere to put my booty last fall and this works!!

The sofa was not covered through fall or winter and I am so happy that it has had almost NO fading!!

Costco Sofa and Table Set for Outside #costco #outdoorfurniture

Costco Sofa and Table Set

Since it took so long for the pool build then fencing that it was a bit too late in the season to worry about full landscaping. We got grass in around September just in time for Cider’s arrival but will be working on plants this year.

In the meantime I grabbed some seasonal flowers AND some faux succulents that can withstand the HOT Texas summers! I initially bought this expensive Pottery Barn version in a clam shell but then realized I could make my own from some faux succulents from Amazon at the fraction of the price!

While my Pottery Barn succulent is sold out here are some more options for pre-made arrangements or the pieces to make your own like I did!

The other FUN purchase we made to round out our outdoor experience is our new wood burning pizza oven!! This portable oven runs on wood pellets and makes about medium size pizza (but can make several in one heat session).

Soma Swimsuit & Frontgate Beach Towel #swim #swimwear #ooni #pizzaoven

Ooni Pizza Oven | Swimsuit | Towel | Outdoor Rug | Sunglasses

Ooni Pizza Oven #outdoor #pizzaoven #ooni #summer #spring

Now right after I purchased our Ooni did they come out with some amazing new models that include multi-fuel and larger sizes with the temp gage. For us the smaller wood burning is a great option for the price since I just ended up grabbing an inexpensive temp gun and fire starters.

Fire Starter | Wood Pellets

The final touch to our backyard pool oasis is of course SUNSCREEN!! This is right outside our backdoor and the kids know you don’t step past the patio without getting their sunscreen on. We love the SunBum for the body but I use the Supergroup for my face and the kids like the Coola stick for their faces so we always end up with a tray of sunscreen.

Sunscreen #supergoop #sunbum #coola #spf

Sun Bum Oil Spray | Sun Bum SPF Spray | Coola Stick | Supergroup Clear Face Sunscreen

The last “must have” before I leave you to relax is this Frontage pool float! It really holds up and with the mesh cover it protects the foam from wear and chipping.

Outdoor Pool Accessories #outdoorfurniture #poolfloat #frontgate #soma #summer #spring

Pool Float | Mesh Cover

Ok friends that’s a quick tour of my favorite place. Honestly I’m in heaven now in our backyard, already it has brought us so much joy and family bonding time. I know I will get asked and yes the process was WAY more expensive than I thought and YES it took way longer than I thought but seeing that I’ve been dreaming about a pool since I was a little girl having this is a dream come true!

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