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It’s crunch time! I realized this weekend oh crud my daughter is out of school starting on Wednesday and I still have unwrapped presents in the garage. This is the week I have to figure out “ok do I really have stocking stuffers for everyone”, “do I remember where I put all the Santa gifts” and “what the heck are we going to eat on Christmas”!!


V-Neck Tee // Cardigan // Jeans // Tote // Booties // Belt // Earrings 

I love this outfit for all my running around because in Texas you never quite know if it’s going to be 65 or 40 so soft light layers are my go-to! Both the sweater and super soft tee, which is a bit thicker than a normal tee are great options and run true to size so grab a couple colors.. I sure did!

The jeans are also soft and have good stretch so getting in and out of the car or sprawled out on the floor wrapping presents I can move. Since these do have some stretch size down if you are in-between, I’m in a 30. As I mentioned there are a few things I still have on my to-do list but to ensure that the week goes smoothly here are a few things I do.


1. Get the Laundry Done

First is laundry, I know it sounds simple but when I can’t find clean pants for my son or my husband is out of undershirts the stress level starts to rise so I always try and get that knocked out first. With that I also lay out outfits for the entire week for the kids. In our house this is the time to veto or say I don’t want to wear that.. on Sunday! When it’s in the weekly line up our kids can switch around what they wear each day (if the weather cooperates) but they can’t fuss about the outfit. This has worked wonders on easy mornings.


2. Double check the schedule

Again I’m sure you are thinking uh duh.. but let me fill you in on what my week looks like- I have one parent leaving, another coming in, housecleaners coming in between, work happy hour with babysitter for that evening, Fancy Nancy play, half day of school with class party, Christmas light event with cousins, hair appointment and final set of parents in by the weekend. It’s stinking busy  but my saving grace has been this momAgenda.

I love that on each week I can schedule out kid stuff, my stuff, hubby stuff and even dinner! It also has a monthly view and is bound and a size that I can easily slip into my tote bag. Although I still rely on my phone for some stuff I feel so much more organized when it is pen to paper and can visualize conflicts.


momAgenda 2019

Let’s real quick talk about this tote bag that I’ve been slipping my much needed momAgenda into because there has been a bit of drama around this  one. When I first talked about it, it was sold as a pre-sale and shipping in 2-3 weeks. Then that got bumped to 3-3.5 week but unfortunately because of the high demand there were some orders that took longer. When they arrived they were not the lush faux suede I experienced with the deep wine and cognac colors but rough and not what was expected, from what I’ve heard it’s mostly orders that included the grey color.

Now I’ve also heard from the amazing Sheaffer from Sheaffer Told Me to (because I ran into at Nordstrom and I went total fan girl on her). That they are trying to get more back in stock since it has been such a popular item but that has been pushed back. So as it stands I love my deep wine and cognac colors, mine shipped in the time promised and I love the quality especially for $25 so I will continue to sing praises because I’ve really loved mine!


3. Ask for help

Yup I said it, the dreaded “h” word. We are all super hero, I can do it all, kind of ladies and it can be really hard when I have someone ask me “how can I help”.  I swear it’s like an immediate reflex to say “oh I’m fine” but let’s be real I’m not fine and they CAN help. Here is the reason why I (and I’m pretty sure a lot of us) say no… it will not be done the way that we do it.

Again yup I said it, maybe it’s the dishes or allowing kids to help wrap presents, clean up, you name it if you are a driven high performing woman you have a way of doing things that works and it’s difficult to pass the reigns. Well friends I’m here to tell you that in the next two weeks say yes to help, shoot ASK for it! Hey neighbor can you watch my kids for an hour while I wrap some presents, mom can you unload the dishwasher, loving husband can you coordinate when your parents are coming into town. This is the time to come together and enjoy time spent as family and friends and that is really hard to do when mom is a basket case.


4. Grab some Cash

So you saw a sneak peek into my week and do we absolutely need cash for everything, no.. but it just makes the craze of new events easier. It’s one less thing you need to do before you go home to the babysitter. Maybe it’s the only thing they take at the play (which it is) or maybe you forgot to grab a present for your amazing housekeeper,  everyone always appreciates some extra holiday money. Keep in mind your budget and what you are comfortable carrying around but grab some “real money” before the week gets going.

For my easy on the run outfit click on the picture to go directly to each item: 

So enjoy this crazy last week before Christmas you know I’m going to be running around  so if I call you and say “hey friend can you help” I hope you know it was hard to ask and I’ll get you back 🙂

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