Earlier this week I met my best friend at Magnolia Market in Waco to do a few more pictures for the blog. It is conveniently half way between both of our houses in Austin and Fort Worth. I know I am lucky that it is within driving distance and I have been there quite a few times, but this time felt different.


The first time that I visited Magnolia Market was during their soft opening, the iconic checkerboard grass had not even been installed yet. I happened to be going to Waco that day for an event at Baylor and I saw an online article about Magnolia Market opening that day to the public (before their Grand Opening). Let’s just say I drove up a bit earlier than I normally would have for that career fair.


It was fall and walking into the store for the first time I saw so much beauty. I fell in love with their fall scented candle and the iron work signs. This one has been near my desk and now in my home office since that first visit, and I have had at least 7 fall candles… don’t judge they are amazing!


When I visited Magnolia this time it was different, I started thinking about their book and the story of Jojo and Chip. At the time that HGTV came around they had 4 kids and were living project to project with the hopes that something would go right. Their entire life and the lives of millions were changed because they took a leap of faith and dreamed big. Standing on that grass, walking through the gardens and the store I started thinking about my journey. I am living out a dream that I never thought was possible.


Every day that one of you send me a message that says “look what came in the mail” or “I tried that bento box thing and I love it” I am living out my dream. I got to meet my best friend in the middle of the day on a Tuesday and then turn around and pick my daughter up from school. To be completely honest, this blogging adventure is not paying the bills but every day I see hope. It took me months to finally feel like I could add value to someone’s life outside of my corporate recruiting career. It’s funny how everything you do in life can build you up for what is to come. One of my favorite individuals at Baylor Career Services, that I have known for 12 years was also one of the first homes that was featured on Fixer Upper. This year I visited on September 11th and I was reminded again how much can change in a day. Funny though because Chip Gaines had just ended his #chipstarter contest and I missed submission by a day!


If you get a chance to visit Magnolia Market bring home something that will help you remember that nothing is constant. Things in life can change and be grateful for the season you are in right now but dream BIG because life can change in an instant.

Hugs, Ry

P.S. When you find a cheese board that could double as a paddle you pose like the fighting ninja you think you are.

Photo Credit: Regan Morton Photography 


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