I am so excited to share our big news, we adopted… A PUPPY! If you are new here this has been in the works for awhile now. Bailey who was my first dog ever we got a month after we got married in 2007. He was a rescue, Shepard Mix that was the sweetest, softest most loving pup ever. He passed in November 2020 and I was devastated.

As kids go, they bounced back almost immediately (my daughter does still cry occasionally missing Bailey) so pretty soon after there was talk of a puppy. For awhile I told them, Mama’s heart is not ready for another dog. Then we went into 6 months of pool building where it would have been unsafe for a puppy to be in our yard. So it became “When the pool is built we will get a puppy.” After 6 long months the pool was done and we were on the hunt.

Since my husband has always grown up with rescue dogs and Bailey was so wonderful we looked into local rescue organizations. My daughter though had her heart set on a yellow lab puppy. I knew that would be a REALLY hard find since unlike a breeder you just never know when a puppy will come into the adoption circle.

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We started the process of online questionnaires and then waiting to schedule a home visit. When we had our home visit and they asked our preferences on color, age and sex they also asked are there any dogs on the website you like? I had looked in several weeks just because I didn’t want to get my hopes up but I looked that day and said “Oh, that sweet girl Gala.”

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There was a new litter of puppies that had been dropped off by a breeder that didn’t want to keep them so the rescue organization named all the litter mates after apples. My husband liked her brother, Fiji when looking on the website. Then we got the email that we had been matched with Gala and did we want to meet her? YES!!!

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The foster mom informed me that Gala had an eye ulcer and had just been cleared to be adopted now that it was mostly healed. We went to the foster house the same and and instantly fell in love. The only problem was there was another family that had matched with her and they had the chance to see her too. I left a little heartbroken but turned and asked my daughter, “Do you think she is our puppy?” she said, yes I do. I looked at my phone and it was a text from the foster mom that the other family wanted an older dog and if we wanted her she was ours!

Crying I said YES!! I knew in my heart that she was our puppy. We immediately went to the store to grab all her supplies and arranged to get her the next day.

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In my life we have named all our pets (2 cats – Sprite & Pepsi and Bailey, the Irish cream) after drinks so Miss A had said months ago if we get a yellow lab can we name her Cider? When we met her the name just made sense, she has a bit more red tint to her yellow lab coat and looks like the color of hard apple cider and plus she was originally named after an apple!

So we are enjoying our time with a puppy but like all dog owners know it’s like having a newborn all over again, except one that can chew! Since we want to spend as much time with her as possible I recently grabbed some cute fall clothes online from

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Over the past few months I’ve been loving their Free Assembly brand and now they have a kids line! The kids line has some cute fall fashion for family photos or just comfy basics that are perfect for walking Cider and rolling around in the grass.

I also love that the Free Assembly brand is on trend, affordable and committed to sustainability so we are doing good for the environment these kiddos get to play in.

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