My office reveal inspired by entrepreneur Kendra Scott

My new office! Let’s first talk about how all this went down…

My husband has had this space on the ground floor of our house, near the front door for years. It has always been “his office” but he works away from home 60 hours per week and really just used it to decompress and watch You Tube workout videos. I on the other hand have now been working from home for about two years and had converted an upstairs back bedroom to my office. Now it was a MAJOR pain when I was doing try-ons or got packages to haul them up to my office.

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Then one day I just said hey babe I think I’m going to switch our offices, it just makes sense and he said “um, ok?” So I got in planning mode. The walls in the original space were too dark and too tan for blogging pictures so I went on Pinterest to find some inspiration and landed on Kendra Scott’s Austin office.

Y’all it’s beautiful and she has always been an inspiration to me so I figured I would set out to make a budget version of her space. Here are a few of the features I wanted to duplicate.


I knew one of the show stopping features in Kendra’s space is her gold pendant lighting. Honestly I can’t imagine how expensive hers was and it’s a much larger scale but I ended up finding one very similar that I put on a dimmer switch from Wayfair. This 12 light chandelier I ordered and had installed by Wayfair’s service Handy and it was so easy! The electrician that they scheduled was on time, professional and screwed in over 100 of those points and boy was I glad it wasn’t me.

Nelly 12-Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier |Similar Fig Leaf Tree | Tompkins 56″ Wide 2 Drawer Sideboard | Euro Bar Knob | Kendra Scott Earring Ladder Jewelry Stand 20% off with code SAVE20

Target Coco Rug – Safavieh | Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey wall color

Now one of the other reasons I wanted this space was due to the BIG window you see here. Lighting makes such a huge difference when taking blogging mirror selfies and I wanted more light. I love that I also now have tons of floor space for flat lays and kids playing.

I don’t love my current mirror but I have not been able to find a budget one that is big enough with a gold frame like I envision. This is the one I’ve had my eye on but it’s $400! **April 2020 update** This mirror finally went on sale and I grabbed it! I love how large it is and the thin frame.

CB2 Gold Frame Oversized Mirror 32″ x 76″

Garment Rack with shelves | Similar Fig Leaf Tree |Similar Hand Painted Twilight glitter art

A few things I did find on a budget is this clothing rack because while I gained more space and a big window I lost a closet and of course I need a place to hang some clothes. This one honestly is only ok, it is a little unstable when I pack it filled with too many items (as I often do) so long term I have my eye out for a gold one or I might just wait a few months and grab this one and spray it gold.

My fig leaf tree was a Home Good find but luckily Kirklands has one very similar for less than what I paid. Also the artwork here I found again at a local Home Goods but found the exact same style on Amazon but they are just bigger I have a 25.5″ square and bought two.

**April 2020 Update**

I had so many issues with the white clothing rack, it was very unstable I ended up switching it out for this gold rack from World Market. It is so much more stable and will be a great addition during holiday parties for guests to hang their purses and jackets.

Gold Clothing Rack // Blogger Office // Home office re-do

Gold Clothing Rack

Target bookcase | Elfa Start- A – Stack with white top | Canon printer | White Elfa Desk | Sea Urchin Wall Décor Gold | K-12 frames

Now this side of the office seriously shows my personality. I needed a wall that was fun, vibrant and showed my reasons in life… my family.

I get a lot of questions about my kids pictures and it is a frame designed for grades K-12 then graduation but it was a project that I did with my daughter of week 1-12 when she was an infant. At week 12 that is when I returned to work and so I wanted a memory of those few couple of months with each of my babies. When I left my corporate job I didn’t really have a place for them for awhile until I made a place in our home for an office and so glad I held onto these.

Things I will eventually love to change.. I would love a Mac desktop and huge screen but for now my MacBook Pro comes with me everywhere and I just plugged it into a monitor I had from my corporate days. Also I need to do something with all my wires but haven’t figured that out yet!

**April 2020 Update

My original chair that I found at Home Goods lost all it’s hydraulics so after about a week of readjusting every 5 minutes I purchased this beauty. I had hoped for the pink version but is was so backordered and I needed a new chair ASAP!

Lenox Swivel Office Chair

Similar Gold bottom vase | That’s What She Said Book | Beautifully Organized Book

What I do love though is filling this space with flowers, candles and books that inspire me. I might be weird but I only like a few novels typically I like biographies and usually by women. I love hearing their stories and how their life turned out that way. Most of the time I listen to them on audible while I’m working or driving but occasionally I’ll pick up an actual book.

Some of my favorite books:

Kendra Scott Earring Ladder Jewelry Stand 20% off through 3/16 with code SAVE20| Diptyque Roses Candle

Now when I’m working from home my outfits can vary from this casual yet “dressed” look to downright loungewear. Most days though I try and get dressed for the day and even if I don’t do my hair I will put on makeup and some jeans.

These wit & wisdom are great since they have a pull-on style and stretchy waistband so they look good but feel like loungewear! The Halogen top I own in both long and sleeveless versions and it’s so flattering on that I just keep buying more.

Since my office was inspired by Kendra Scott I have to mention their sale right now!! Get 20% off your order with code SAVE20 through 3/16.

Erin Condren Planner & Stickers | Kendra Scott Reese Wrap Bracelet 20% off | Fallyn Cuff Bracelet 20% off

Now as I am finishing this post we have started the beginning of social isolation, yeah sounds super scary! To be honest I am so blessed to have this space and to have worked from home for the past two years. Although it will be different balancing working from home and homeschooling my kids it will be a fun time to just be with each other as well. I’m excited to maybe even feature them more on the blog since they are going to be mama’s blogging assistants for the foreseeable future!

Professional Photography by Audrie Dollins of Dallas, TX

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