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The 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale PREVIEW is here and I’m loving this process where we can all see what’s going to be included and can start adding to our wish lists! Last year I made outfit ideas and so many of you loved them so I’ve brought them back along with my top picks for men, beauty, kids and home.

Once I am able to shop the sale I will update this blog post with IRL (in real life) photos of the items I purchase with sizing tips and thoughts. *THIS IS IMPORTANT* when you build your wish list don’t get too attached, things can and will sell out BUT I always try and find similar items that could be interchanged with these outfit ideas so you still get a similar look even if my item pick is no longer available.

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The next biggest item to discuss is HOW to get as many of your items on your sale shopping day and that is through the “wish list” process. I’ve been asked several times so I will address it here –>

As a blogger to provide free content I rely on affiliate links. I get a small commission when you click through my link and make a purchase. Since there is a big time gap between making your wish list and possibly the day you actually shop I will only get credit if you are using my link in a small window so I ask you get to your wish list through my link.

I receive payment about 5-7 months later so yes if you return an item it will deduct from my commission. This is why I want you to LOVE your purchases!!


It’s almost time for shopping!! The next steps are new and VERY important this year. On your shopping day PLEASE head back here to click through to your wish list. This ensures that I can receive credit for helping with your selections (this is the only way I’m paid and able to produce free content) Here is how that works **update the ability to add all to cart looks like it is only working on a desktop now**

  1. Click here to get to your wish list
  2. Click Edit in the upper right corner, if on a desktop you will just click your first item. 
  3. Click your 1st item then “select all” desktop users will see this in the lower right hand area. 
  4. Click Black “Add to Bag” box will move all items selected to your cart
  5. If it’s your day to shop your check out will begin!
#nordstromsale #sale #fashion #fallfashion #kidsfashion #girlsfashion #boysfashion #workwear #cozyandcomfyfashion #athleticwear #mensfashion

Now let’s talk about what is on SALE this year!!


This is one of the BEST times to grab some workwear staples. Over the past year I have fallen in LOVE with the SPANX Perfect Pant and this year you can grab the ankle backseam style for $84.90 (Retail $128). I’ve worn these with heels, flats, knee high boots they are just such a great pant. Here are some more workwear pieces that I’m loving. Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


In Texas it’s all about layering in the fall! We can get 60 degree or 80 degree days you just never know. That’s why I love all these options that start with a lightweight layer then add on heavier. Also this gives you the LONGEST use out of your NSALE purchases so you can wear the tees and camis now with shorts and continue to add heavier layers as it gets colder. This year Gibson is bringing back one of my FAVORITE tunic styles in gorgeous colors and a NEW off the shoulder style I am loving for $34.90 (retail $55) I think the wine color is going to be an early sell out. Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


This is seriously the category where I can drop some $$ I love gifting Barefoot Dreams cardigans and the Minnetoka slippers were my most worn shoe of 2020!! I also stock up on True & Co bras and the only non Soma undies I wear which are these Natori mostly cotton but still have a great stretch. During the sale they are $14.90 each but you can grab a 3 pack that makes them $16 each before the sale starts!  Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


Last year I didn’t have this category yet I bought a lot of it so this time I’m showing you NOW what I’m loving! Zella is always a BIG hit and their tops are great. I also really like the SPANX booty boost leggings so the sale print for $64.90 (retail $98) is also on my list. This is the style without the internal gripping so great for those that like a medium compression legging. Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


When I asked the TRM Tribe about their Anniversary sale shopping habits you answered after fashion for yourself BEAUTY was the 2nd biggest category you purchased and y’all I’m right there with you! This time of year Nordstrom comes out with some amazing gift sets and specials that you don’t see the rest of the year. Last anniversary sale is when I grabbed my Riki Skinny Mirror for the cheapest I’ve seen and some great travel makeup sets by MAC and Bobbi Brown. Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


Every single year I purchased at least 2 of the luxe Little Giraffe blankets to save and give as gifts and I swear every year I wish I had purchased a few more! These high end blankets (that both my kids love and have had theirs since they were babies) almost NEVER go on sale other than the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. So each year I load up knowing that we will have some friend or work colleague that we need a gift for and I like having them on hand. Click on + to add item to your wish list.


Mr. TRM has a business professional job where blazer, slacks and dress shirt are required when he is in the office. The Nordstrom sale has always been a great time to get him stocked up on some shoes and dress basics as well. He loves the in-house Nordstrom brand Smart Care Dress shirt and these v-neck undershirts are so soft it’s the only style he will wear so I pick up at least 2 packs!  I’ve also been able to grab him some fancy casual shoes like the Cole Haan leather sneakers and he wears them A TON! Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


I know it’s July and most kids are not quite ready to think Back to School but honestly I pick up a TON of fall staples for my kids during this sale. Shoes, Jackets and jeans/ pants are always on my shopping list, then my daughter gets a hold of the computer and things like sparkly Uggs get added lol! I was surprised to see that Patagonia was not included this year but still some GREAT North Face Jackets. Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:

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    Jen White said:

    Out of all the blogs I read, your Nordstrom sale post was the best! Thanks for all the hard work you put into it!

  2. 7.6.22
    Christy said:

    Could you share who makes your tan shirt from the beginning of this post please? Love it!