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The 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale PREVIEW is here and I love this process where we can all see what’s going to be included and can start adding to our wish lists! Each year I made outfit ideas so you can start looking through your own closet and see what items you might want to refresh for the new season. Last year I added my top picks for men, beauty, kids and home and you loved them so those are back as well.

Once I am able to shop the sale I will do a new post with IRL (in real life) photos of the items I purchase with sizing tips and thoughts (see last year’s post here). *THIS IS IMPORTANT* when you build your wish list don’t get too attached, things can and will sell out BUT I always try and find similar items that could be interchanged with these outfit ideas so you still get a similar look even if my item pick is no longer available.

nordstrom anniversary sale 2022

The next biggest item to discuss is HOW to get as many of your items on your sale shopping day and that is through the “wish list” process. I’ve been asked several times so I will address it here –>

As a blogger to provide free content I rely on affiliate links. I get a small commission when you click through my link and make a purchase. Since there is a big time gap between making your wish list and possibly the day you actually shop I will only get credit if you are using my link in a small window so I ask you get to your wish list through my link.

I receive payment about 5-7 months later so yes if you return an item it will deduct from my commission. This is why I want you to LOVE your purchases!!


It’s almost time for shopping!! On your shopping day PLEASE head back here to click through to your wish list. This ensures that I can receive credit for helping with your selections (this is the only way I’m paid and able to produce free content) Last year I found the best (easiest) way to move your wish list was on a desktop because there was a “select all” button that was NOT available on mobile so if possible do this process on a computer:

**FIRST please click on the wish list link** Then go through steps 1-5! See this post for the rest of the shopping schedule. 

  1. Click here to get to your wish list
  2. Click “Select All” at top near the wish list name. **This option is ONLY available on desktop** On mobile you will need to manually click each item. 
  3. Click Black “Add to Bag” box will move all items selected to your cart
  4. If it’s your day to shop your check out will begin!


This is one of the BEST times to grab some workwear staples. Last year I fell in love with the NYDJ Trouser Pants as well as the Wit & Wisdom Ankle Pants and I am SOO happy to see them back! These are comfy work staples that are worth it if you can grab your sizes, the NYDJ I wear a 12P and the Wit & Wisdom size down if in-between. The Halogen tank also was a favorite layering piece so I was happy to see it in some prints but if you don’t have white or black those are staples.

The Caslon knit blazer I think I’ve owned in nearly every color and this makes a great business casual or even date night throw on light weight layer. I’m thinking this new purple mellow color will match a few of the Halogen blouses. One SHOCKING thing this year was no Tory Burch Bags and no Gibsonlook. While I’ve heard Gibsonlook might be doing something on their site I have no intel on why TB sat out this year.

Also as workplaces are getting a bit more casual fall is a great time for dresses! This long dress with heels or boots would be stunning and there are a few in the sale I loved! 

Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


In Texas it’s all about layering in the fall! We can get 60 degree or 80 degree days you just never know. That’s why I love all these options that start with a lightweight layer then add on heavier. This year since I feel like I have plenty of tees and camis I narrowed in on some of the stunning fall colored sweaters! I really like the looser fit of these easy to switch from jeans to leggings.

Now last year I showed the Spanx faux leather leggings and yes they are back on sale but y’all quickly after I fell for the Commando neoprene leggings. These are not included in the sale but I wear them a hundred times before I would wear the faux leather so I went with mostly jeans in the sale. In the past year I’ve also fallen HARD for Good American jeans and so happy to see quite a few styles available but what’s CRAZY is these seem to be hidden on Nordstrom’s website! My friend found them but they are not under “jeans” or even showing under Good American so wish list these and fingers crossed they pop up on sale days.

Now I want to mention, yes I included the Madewell stripe cardigan (size down). I buy one every year and YES every year it sells out in early access. Typically it’s then a chase to find restocks but y’all if you are not a card holder DO NOT fret typically brands will do some sort of look alike by mid to late Sept (around the time when you need it) just take note of the color palettes we are working with this fall. Also check out the Caslon one with more pinks it’s less expensive and fit more true to size.

 Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


This is seriously the category where I can drop some $$ I love gifting Barefoot Dreams cardigans and the Minnetoka slippers were my most worn shoe of 2021 but was sad to see not NO slippers have a back to them. While my daughter loves this mule style I’ll most likely opt for something outside of the sale. This is a great time though to stock up on True & Co bras! This is the only time of the year I snag non Soma undies and bras but do not miss the Strapless Red Carpet bra on SALE!

All year when I get questions on my favorite strapless it’s this one and it’s almost NEVER included in Soma sales so if you are looking to grab 1 thing and don’t have that bra, get it.  

Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


Last year I will say was the year I fell in love with Zella! Also I was introduced to Sweaty Beatty and love that both are back in the NSALE for 2022. What’s new though is a Zella jumpsuit (what?!) and some really cute layering active jackets perfect for fall.

This is also the area that I tend to go a little sneaker crazy! While I like the look of ONs it’s the stretchy slip on sneakers for daily mom life that get me every time. Plus don’t forger to snag some socks, the Zella ones are my favorites and typically a good deal during this time.

Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


When I asked the TRM Tribe about their Anniversary sale shopping habits you answered after fashion for yourself BEAUTY was the 2nd biggest category you purchased and y’all I’m right there with you! This time of year Nordstrom comes out with some amazing gift sets and specials that you don’t see the rest of the year. This year is pretty underwhelming for me though. I will for sure snag the double sided Bobbi Brown eye sticks (love them!) and the Dior Lip Glow but pretty much everything else I already own so if you don’t it can be a good time to grab these but this year it’s not a must on my list.

Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


While this year beauty has underwhelmed me home has gone above and beyond! This coastal vibe of the new Barefoot Dreams blankets, ocean prints and sand neutrals in everything has my credit card shivering. Maybe it’s because we just got back from the beach or maybe because I’m just a sucker for a coastal modern vibe but I’m loving so much of this.

Plus great time to check out gifts like coffee mug warmers, Theraguns and luggage. Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


Mr. TRM has a business professional job where blazer, slacks and dress shirt are required when he is in the office. The Nordstrom sale has always been a great time to get him stocked up on some shoes and dress basics as well. He loves the in-house Nordstrom brand Smart Care Dress shirt and these v-neck undershirts are so soft it’s the only style he will wear so I pick up at least 2 packs! Last year he also stocked up on blazers and shoes which was a great workwear refresh. Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


I know it’s halfway through the summer and most kids are not quite ready to think Back to School but honestly I pick up a TON of fall staples for my kids during this sale. Shoes, Jackets and jeans/ pants are always on my shopping list. If you have an infant (or buying for one) this is also a great time to check out deals on popular strollers and high chairs but those do tend to sell out in early access. Click on + to add item to your wish list.

See more of my picks here:


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