Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023 | How it all FIT

Each year I try and do my best to put together outfits for fall. This way you can look through your closet and check to see what you already have but also some NEW items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that can add to your wardrobe. 

This week got in most of my order and quickly tried on much of the items I had shown you in my outfit inspiration boards. Like all years some items come a bit later so I will continue to update this post as I receive items for fit tips and honest feedback on fabric and styles.


With these outfits I was able to get most of them put together but some of the items I didn’t love the fit on. I did though find some alternative tops and great jean options!

Here again were my outfit inspirations:

Cardigan | Bootcut Jeans| Turtleneck Sweater | Black Bootcut Jeans |  Crewneck Sweater | Straight Leg Jeans  | V-Neck Sweater | Leggings | Havannah Pointed Toe Bootie | Wallis Western Bootie | gretchen pointed toe bootie | Knee High Boot | Sunglasses | Hat | Leather Tote | Crossbody Bag

Cardigan | Jeans | Booties | Bag

Fit Tips: Cardigan tts, L // Jeans size up if in-between, 14 (run long) // Booties size up 1/2

Last fall I know these cropped cardigans were all the rage so I tried one, now I remember what I didn’t fall for this trend then either. It’s very boxy and just not flattering with my larger chest. The Good American Flare jeans I LOVE but they are too long! I will still keep these and use some of my Nordy perks to get them hemmed because I really like the shape and fit.

Turtleneck Sweater | Jeans | Booties

Fit Tips: Sweater tts, L // Jeans tts wearing 10 but need 12 // Booties size up 1/2

This might be my favorite outfit fall outfit! The sweater is not too thick or clingy, the jeans are super comfortable BUT I got the wrong size! For the past 2 years the itty bitty bootcut was a full size large but this year with the raw hem they are much more true to size.

Blouse | Jeans | Flats

Fit Tips: Blouse tts, L // Jeans size up if in-between, 14 // Flats size up 1/2

Now this outfit I ended up not getting the orange crewneck sweater so I paired with a new Gibsonlook blouse I just got in. Really I wanted to show the fit of the Good American straight leg jeans. Honestly they are not my favorite. I had hoped they would fit like my favorite distressed pair but the leg is more narrow and they are longer.

Sweater | Jeans | Booties | Bag

Fit Tips: Sweater tts, L // Jeans tts need 31 // Booties size up 1/2

When I got in this V-neck sweater I realized it was much too short to wear with leggings as a tunic I was better with some jeans. Now I LOVE these Madewell jeans but I totally bought the wrong size. I sized up when I should have stayed tts or sized down. These are very stretchy and comfortable and can’t wait for my true size to arrive.

Sweater | Faux Leather Leggings | Boots | Bag | Earrings

Fit Tips: Sweater tts, L // Faux Leather leggings XLP // Boots sized up 1/2 wearing wide calf option

Now I wanted to still give you a cute leggings and tunic sweater option and so I snagged this Treasure and Bond turtleneck sweater that is so soft! While I feel like this style might still go back on sale in October now that I love someplace where you can get chilly weather then I thought it would be a good one to snag. Also these are the Spanx faux leather pants, do I love them, no but they are are going on me now that I live in a climate where I can wear them more than 2 days a year!

Dress | Boots

I always like also trying a few other outfits and pieces I see on popular influencers that are much smaller in size to see “ok how will that look on me”. Let’s just say this dress is WAYYY too short for me and was not flattering with curves.

Dress | Tall Boots

Now the dress that did work for my body is this incredible Eliza J Dress. I love the colors and can be worn easily for work or weekend. Plus the colors would be great for fall family photos.

Sweater | Bag | Wit & Wisdom Jeans (left) | Mother jeans (right)

Fit Tips: Sweater tts, L (runs oversized) // Wit & Wisdom jeans size down, wearing 10 // Mother jeans size up 1-2 sizes or until your ego can’t take it anymore

This time around I tried out the popular Mother jeans (right) and I REALLY don’t like them. First of all I had to size up to a 33 (equivalent to a 16) and they are not cropped on me like the picture. The waist was tight and the fit felt completely off. Plus for the $170 price tag (on sale) vs the $60 price of the Itty Bitty Bootcut on the left the Mother jeans are not worth it IMO.

Sweater | Jeans | Loafers

Fit Tips: sweater tts, L // Jeans tts, Loafers tts

The pair of jeans that does fit more like how I thought the Mother jeans would fit are these Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Skyrise Bootcut Jeans. Now they are sold out but this is the type of item that tends to pop back online the day after NSALE ends fully stocked and full price. Although even at full price these jeans are worth it! I love the higher rise, raw hem and slight bootcut fit.

Blouse | Wit & Wisdom Jeans

Blouse runs large in armholes, wearing L

Now this blouse I did all to myself, I thought it could be cute but I’m not loving the colors plus the armholes are REALLY big. This was a no go for me.

Havannah Pointed Toe Bootie

Now if you are wondering why all my outfits are with the Vince Camuto booties it’s because they are the only ones that arrived this week that fit! The Marc Fisher tall boots are EXTREMELY tight in the calf so those were a no go. My order of the Kate Spade booties got cancelled for no reason and the BP lower heel hadn’t arrived.

Tote | White Bag | Madewell Tote | RM Quilted Crossbody


In store there was a few of these options but I have more on the way. I was happy to see a few more affordable work options in store and a TON of blazers this year. I’ve mostly stuck with tried and true styles that I love and feel that they are worth your money to grab now.

Here again were my outfit inspirations:

Poncho | Tee |  Trousers | Button-Up Shirt | Denim Trousers | Cardigan | Sleeveless Top | Wide Leg Pants | Dress | Pointed Toe Pumps | Block Heel | Pumps | Boots | Suede Backpack | Tote Bag | Stud Earrings | Beaded Earrings

Poncho | Plaid Pants | Pumps | Bag

Fit Tips: poncho OS // Pants tts need 12P // Pumps tts

While I’m still not sold on the poncho I do love these NYDJ plaid pants. They are are super stretchy yet still have a nice thick ponte material. These run long so if in doubt go with the petite option, they are folded under about 2 inches.

Button-Up Shirt | Denim Trousers | Block Heel | Tote | Skirt | Bag | Pumps

Fit Tips: Trouser Jeans size up wearing 14 and they run long // blouse tts, L // skirt tts, L

I thought these trouser jeans would be a great option for those of you that can wear jeans but also have a more business casual work environment. Only issues they are LONG! I did like though the cut and fit other than the length. My BIG oops was that the pumps did not at all match the top. The shoes are much brighter and work better with red vs Burgundy. I restyled the blouse with this great stretchy ponte skirt and love it this way too.

Blazer | Tank | Jeans | shoes

Fit Tips: Blazer tts, L // tank runs small across chest size up if in-between // jeans of this color size down wearing, 10 // pumps tts

The red heels did find a friend with a great tank blouse in the sale. This one I’ve had for years in solid prints but love the new floral with fall colors. Paired with my Amazon blazer and dark wash jeans this is a great business casual look.

Sleeveless Top | Wide Leg Pants| Bag | pumps | Blouse | Bag | Pumps

Fit Tips: wearing L in both blouses, tts // Pants tts, 12

Now I apologize my first collage had these pants linked incorrectly. These are the new Wit & Wisdom wide leg pull-on pants. I wasn’t 100% sure about the trouser pleating and on this day feeling sorta bloated wasn’t the best but I overall love the look, fit and feel of these pants. I love the brown and feel like it matches a ton for fall but the black is also a great option.

blouse | Trouser pants | Bag | pumps | Necklace

This print might be my favorite of the sale an it comes in this tank, a long sleeve and dress! So perfect for fall. This time I have it with the black wit & wisdom trouser pants.

Dress | Boots

This dress I was pleasantly surprised with. It’s more of a knit material and while it’s fitted it has some elastic that really allows for a hourglass fit. The hem has a high/ low cut making it great with these boots to show them off a bit!

Ballet Flats | 27 Edit Pump | Loafer | Sam Edelman Pump | Marc Fisher Pump

Fit Tips: all shoes ran tts

Stud Earrings | Drop Earrings


This year I wasn’t really overwhelmed with activewear options. Now I always love the sneakers but in general I don’t feel like there was a ton outside of Zella that I fell in love with.

Here again were my outfit inspirations:

Jacket | Tank Top | Joggers | Gray Sneakers | Colorful Hoodie | Shorts | Socks | Nike Sneakers | Blue Waterproof JacketTee | Blue Joggers | New Balance Sneakers | Puffer Jacket | Sweater | Leggings | Cloudswift Shoes

Knit Hoodie | Shorts | Running Shoes

Fit Tips: Pullover tts, L // Shorts tts, L // Nike size up 1/2

While I thought this pull-over was cute I don’t think it’s worth $100. The shorts are also super cute but as I continued to wear these they have a lightweight fabric that tends to ride up so both are most likely going to be returns.

Vuori Tee| Similar Zella tee | Joggers | Sneakers

These Zella joggers are a winner the only downside is they run longer than my vuori joggers that I love. They have a similar stretchy fabric while still being lightweight and moisture wicking. These are a great buy and loving the blue color.

Jacket | Tank | Similar Zella Tank Top | Joggers | Tennis Shoes

Fit Tips: Jacket runs small wearing L // Lulu tank, L // Joggers, L // On clouds size up 1/2

This jacket I thought would be a fun casual option but it’s really tight and I hate the way the neck stands straight up into my chin. The Joggers are good and have that lightweight windbreaker kind of material. I’m seeing that they are currently sold out and while they are good not a pair that I would be too broken hearted if I didn’t get.

Knit Pullover | Leggings | Tennis Shoes

Fit Tips: Pullover tts, L // Leggings tts, L // Sneaker size up 1/2

This pullover I LOVE!! It’s a great weight for fall, stretchy, longer and just a great one, I’m going back for more colors on this. The Spanx booty boost are a good workout compressive legging and the 7/8 length fits me the best, only downside no side pockets!

Metacon | OnCloud | New Balance | Nikes

Bombas Socks

Now I know around this time I hear some frustrations about sell-outs but this year I honestly feel like there are some REALLY great items still in stock. Here are my top 10 picks of in-stock (good size range) items.

Tonight at 12pm EST starts shopping for EVERYONE so just a reminder, if I have helped you with outfits, sizing tips etc it is a HUGE deal for me that you shop through one of my links and check out in that same browser for me to receive credit for your purchase. Keep in mind I receive a VERY small percentage of that sale at no cost to you (this is the only way I’m paid and able to produce free content).

**FIRST please click on the wish list link** Then go through steps 1-5! See this post for the rest of the shopping schedule. 

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