Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What I learned, loved & returned

Let’s just say that the last two week have been a bit of a blur of shopping, computer screens, lots of Zevia and not enough sleep. If you saw my IG stories earlier this week I hit a wall. My husband and I got in a small fight (he was on edge because I had been so busy), my daughter made a comment about me always working then the final straw was my 4 year old handing me my computer as soon as we were done with dinner saying, “here mama you are done with dinner you can have your computer now.

I took a break, I took my kids to go play and it seriously was exactly what I needed to fill my heart. I will warn you though giving birth to 2 kids and getting close to 40 and jumping on a trampoline all morning requires extra um… preparation (these are my favs). Then I started getting thinking about what I could have done differently now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is opening for public access today 7/19 at 12:30 EST. First I feel like I should have started with the things I already own and love and tell you that these are tried and true products that are worth buying EVERY SINGLE YEAR, so here those are.

BE STRATEGIC!! Next, there are obviously high demand products so making sure that I had a full list of what I REALLY wanted new this year and adding those to my cart first (even one at a time) and check out as fast as I can. I had the luxury of early shopping and still missed items that I thought I had either picked up or ordered and didn’t bother to double check until it was too late. Having quick and easy links makes this process SO MUCH EASIER so here are some of the most popular items in case these are on your list to grab:

GET MULTIPLE SIZES– Even with my size recommendations and you “think” you know your size grab multiple sizes, I regretted this one big time because there were some things that didn’t fit and know I’m waiting fingers crossed to see if I can grab. You can return whatever does not fit but they will not be there later so get them now.

DON’T FREAK OUT if they still don’t restock your cancelled item, last year customer service was excellent and when they did regain stock I was able to reorder and call customer service and ask for a price match. They looked up my cancelled item and gave me the sale price.

DON’T LOOK AT YOUR CREDIT CARD I’m just kidding with this one but to be honest during this time I stock up on all areas for our family. Husband, kids, shoes, gifts and beauty (if you want some ideas I have pages for all of it) so I try not to freak out but understand that this is my time when I am spending a good amount of money so I need to factor that into our budget. What can I maybe live without or do I really need ANOTHER pair of booties. What has helped me is getting things home, trying them on with other items and then deciding ok do I LOVE this or is it a return?

From my purchases so far here are my loves and returns.

Cardigan | BP Cami | Spanx Jeans | BP Booties

Fit Tips: Cardigan runs large size down if in-between or want less oversized feel, I stayed with M // Cami runs tight across a larger chest but sizing up did make the arm holes rather large, M // Spanx jeggings tts, L // Booties tts but if wear socks might size up 1/2 size

LOVE– This Madewell cardigan is going to probably be the most sought after, first it’s super cozy and soft, the colors are amazing and when you see it all over the place then everyone wants it! There are some dupes out there but honestly nothing that is super close so this still is a hot item. I love mine and I am really glad that I was able to snag one.

RETURN– The BP Cami an item that sold out early last year and knew that it would be a hot item so I wanted to grab some early. For me I didn’t love the fit so I’ve already started hunting down some alternatives and for me this cami fit better.

BB Dakota Faux Suede Jacket | Gibson Twist Top | Kut Jeans | BLANKNYC Snake Print Moto jacket | Itty Bitty Bootcut jeans

Fit Tips: BB Dakota faux suede jacket runs tts, I need a M but would be wearing thinner layers if thicker consider sizing up // BLANKNYC Jacket runs a bit tight in the arms but sizing up would have been too big, M // KUT jeans size down if in-between // Wit & Wisdom bootcut size down

LOVE– I went back to Nordstrom for my daughter to try on shoes and I found this BB Dakota jacket that I had missed during my first round of purchases. When I put it on it was so soft that even my daughter wanted to wear it. I checked out the colors and the birch was a perfect cream/ nude that I thought would be a GREAT staple. Although I ordered it about an hour after Early Access Started my order was cancelled. This is one that is at the top of my strategic buy list today.

RETURN– I really wanted a statement jacket in the snake skin print but the more I tried things on I realized I’m not going to reach for this BLANKNYC jacket. It would be fun for a girls night out or vacation but I wanted to really add items that I felt I would get multiple years of use out of and this just didn’t make the cut. I ended up keeping my snake skin in shoes and I’ll probably add a less expensive belt or bag when I want to sass it up.

Leith Cardigan | Caslon Tee | Necklace | KUT black jeans | Snake print booties | Halogen Cardigan | White Cami | Spanx jeans | BP Booties | Similar TB Tote

Fit Tips: Leith long cardigan fits tts, M // Halogen long cardigan fits tts, I’m in a L but needed a M // KUT black jeans size down if in-between // snake print booties size up 1/2 size // Spanx jeggings tts, L // BP Booties size up 1/2 if wearing with socks

RETURN– (Sorry doing this backwards because this is the order I bought them) When I tried on the Leith long cardigan I loved the green color and the slim line of no pockets. At the time I knew I had a similar green back home but bought it anyway even though I REALLY had been wanting the Halogen cardigan.

LOVE– Once I was able to try on the Halogen cardigan it was my pick. Seeing that both are the same price the Halogen just felt nicer and more expensive to me. I know that I will see MANY similar cardigans in this color green but I have not seen any in this deep red/ burgundy and I knew I had a ton of items it would look great with.

Halogen Dress | Pumps | Tote | Similar Cami | Skirt

LOVE– I knew that this sale I wanted to try some pleated options and this stripe pleated Halogen dress was a major winner. It fit really well and was extremely comfortable. I really wanted to try a little animal print so I like that this also comes in the leopard print if I want to go with that.

RETURN– I asked you on IG what you thought of this skirt and although it was close the winner was RETURN! I still don’t think that midi skirts are that flattering on my body and this one was a little too long making it really not look great. I have also tried on this Target version but also didn’t love so I’m sticking to pleating in tops and dresses!

Amazon Cardigan | Gibson mock neck jersey top | Spanx jeggings | Vince Camuto boots | tote | Similar cream turtleneck | Snake print jeans

Fit Tips: Amazon cardigan size up, L // Gibson ruched tank tts, M // Spanx jeggings tts, L // boots tts // Snake print jeans size up, needed 12

LOVE: I also wanted a great pair of jeggings to wear with tall boots (and these were a HUGE love from the sale) and tunics. When I saw the Spanx jeggings I didn’t have high hopes but I took and IG poll and you all said try them on and thank goodness I did! They are a great length for my 5’5 height, higher waisted to pull in my mama gut and have good light distressing and an open hem. They are thick enough to make my rear look good but thin enough to easily go under tall boots.

RETURN: I had high hoped for these Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution snake print jeans. I purchased them in store but did not try them on (hello mistake #1) I grabbed a 10 because I normally always size down in W&W but these were a higher rise and fit tighter than the regular jeans. I was able to later try on the 12 which fit well but the more I came back to these I had a hard time pairing them with things in my closet. I would still recommend these if you are looking for something snake print I just kept other items instead.


What I did not return this year were shoes! The shoe game was strong and although you can tell I went with a serious beige theme it’s what I wear the most. I do recommend the following sizing information though:

(Top Left) Lucky Yimina Waterproof Wedge Bootie (sesame suede color) these fit tts for me but I do not wear socks so if wearing socks I would size up 1/2 size. EXTREMELY comfortable and waterproof! Size up 1/2 size if wearing with socks

(Top Right) B.P. Heath Bootie These fit tts for me (no socks) would go up 1/2 size for socks. I will say these are harder to get in and out of because of the back zipper and higher shaft so if these don’t fit you well I wish I had looked at these a little harder to notice they come in a similar color. Size up 1/2 if wearing with socks

(Middle Left) Steve Madden Feather Studded Loafer Well these might have been the biggest winners of the sale, they are extremely popular and for good reason. They are a fun print, fit well and a good price. You can find an non stud version on the Steve Madden website and a fairly good dupe at Express but these are worth the wait in my opinion. Fit a little tight, size up 1/2 size if in-between

(Middle Right) Vince Camuto Gigietta Bootie to be honest I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep these booties. When I tried on my true size they were so tight and uncomfortable but when I size up 1/2 size they totally worked. When I brought them home I really did find a ton of outfits that this pop of snake would look cute with so they are staying. As you heard earlier I returned a lot of this print so I thought keeping the booties would be the best bet. Now if you don’t love the snake print the tan color of these are also gorgeous, yet currently sold out. Size up 1/2 size.

(Bottom Left) Vince Camuto Kimora Cutout Shield Sandal I am still a little torn on these only because I have purchased an open toe Vince sandal every year for the past 3 years so I have some that are very similar. Although I wear them all a TON in the fall. They look cute with skirts and dresses as well as jeans when it’s still warm but October and I want to feel like fall. These like all my other pairs fit true to size and are comfortable even with having a high arch the webbing doesn’t bother me.

(Bottom Right) Caslon wedge sneakers I did not get these last year and ended up seeing them everywhere! This year I needed to see what all the hype was and I realized oh they are so incredibly comfortable now I get it! Even my SUPER stylish friend Kelly approved and said she wears these traveling all the time. They look great with jeggings, leggings and more, they will for sure be on massive repeat. I did not find these narrow as the site explains but I do not wear with socks so if your foot is wider or will be wearing socks go up 1/2 size.

Hopefully this helps you navigate shopping today, the other things I would do better next year all have to do with building posts, technology and understanding shopping guides but that’s all boring blogger stuff. My goal is to be a resource to make your shopping easier so thank you for everyone that has gone above and beyond to ensure that you are using my links, shopping through the site vs the app and just giving me big ol virtual hugs throughout the day it means the world to me.



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