Ryanne’s Favorite Things 2021

Last year one of the most requested lists was MY favorite things. I kinda feel like Oprah when I do these lists but honestly it was the whole reason why I LOVE my job. For years before I ever started a blog I would help guy friends buy holiday gifts for their wives. I would make extensive lists and send them out.

If you have a significant other that needs a little loving push forward this list to them NOW! With worker shortages and shipping delays the typical wait until the last minute shopping will not work this year.

All these items except one (on my wish list) I own and spent most of the year using & wearing for it to make it on this list.

Brumate gold leopard skinny can While I loved my black leopard skinny can cooler when they recently came out with GOLD I had to have it and I use it all the time! These hold tall skinny cans like White Claw and Pellegrino flavors but they have an entire line of the gold leopard!

Vuori Joggers These super soft, stretchy, breathable, lightweight joggers made my list last year but seeing that I wear them at least 4 times per week and I’m up to 5 pairs I figured they need a permanent spot. If you don’t own a pair of these for SURE put them on your list! True to size I wear a L

Pura Scent device This fun device I got early this year but for months with the chip shortage they were out of stock. Finally devices are back and I can sing my praises once again. I love a yummy smelling home and this smart device lets you change out scents and control the intensity and time all on your phone. Use code RYANNEJANCA9472 for 10% off

Always Pan There was a lot of chatter about this pan last holiday season. I have now had mine for close to a year and can tell you YES I still love it. I feel like it’s a great size, lightweight and has decent non-stick. Now my only complaint has been that it can’t go in the oven but THIS YEAR they came out with the Perfect Pot that can.

Hatch sound machine I was hesitant that I would love this alarm, light and sound machine but after a year this thing has changed how I sleep! It has a ton of sounds, settings for more relaxing going to sleep and now I wake up to gentle chirping birds. This makes an amazing gift for anyone on your list.

Folding 3 in 1 charger station Need a fun yet not too expensive gift, grab this for your tech lovers! When I bought one for myself all of a sudden my husband wanted one too. We use these now for every trip because it folds flat yet when unfolded has charging spots for our phone, AirPod Pros and Apple Watch.

YSL Leather Wallet Bag Ok ok I don’t have this BUT I’ve been thinking about getting a YSL bag and I really love the color and size of this one. I’ll let you know if it falls off Santa’s sleigh this year!

AirPods Pro I didn’t know if the Pros would be that big of a change from my original AirPods but OMG they are night and day! These fit in my ears better, don’t fall out AND the noise cancellation technology has saved this mama when kids are bickering and I just want to listen to music and wash some dishes in peace.

Elemis Rose Cleansing Balm I decided this year I was only going to put on beauty items that I use DAILY and for all the “gift sets” I put them on this list. The Elemis Rose Balm I started using last January and instantly fell in love. It takes my makeup off better than anything I have tried and I love how soft it makes my skin feel. If you are not a “rose” person they have original scent and unscented as well. Use code RYANNE20 for 20% off

Soma Cool Nights PJ set These are another repeat from last year but y’all I fee like I live in my Soma cool nights pjs plus I give them to just about everyone on my list! This set is new for the 2021 holiday season and also has family matching options (my daughter LOVES hers).

T3 mini hair dryer While yes I still love my Dyson AirWrap over the past few months when I want a quick and easy dry I reach for this mini dryer that works like a full size! It dried my hair quickly with several heat and speed settings. I have a few friends that have traded in their full size dryers for this mini.

Buxom Dolly gift set Over the past year I have fallen in love with the Buxom Dolly lip gloss and this holiday season I love this set with gloss and lip color for only $12! Makes a great stocking stuffer.

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket Capri So when I’m not in my Vuori you are probably going to find me walking the kids to school in my Athleta Capri pants. These are soft, buttery feeling but enough thickness to smooth the backside, dual pockets and no roll waistband. I mean you don’t blame me when I say I have 5 pairs of these as well! True to size I wear L

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint Talk about a beauty game changer! I got this serum makeup early this year and instantly fell in love. It gives that dewy glow while hydrating and giving a light coverage. I have now gone through 3 bottles and will vary my color based on the season.

Milk Bronzer Stick I realized I don’ talk enough about this perfect quick bronzer stick. It is an easy soft stick that gives a great tan color in just a few swipes. Most days I wear this, the Ilia skin tint, lip gloss and off for the day.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket Now as much as I love the Nordstrom Bliss Blanket this one is a favorite with everyone in the family because of it’s good size, cozy feel and not too heavy weight.

Erin Condren 2022 Softbound Planner I use my hourly planner every single day. I’m a write it down kind of girl and this is the only one I’ve found that I love the feel of the paper, layout and flat lay style of the book. The magnolia cover this year is super pretty too!

Theragun Elite It’s the gift I gave my husband that really was for me! This percussion massager makes a huge difference on sore muscles and for my shoulders after hunching over the computer all day. While I like the mini we also got for travel I would highly recommend getting this with the triangle handle it’s easier to get your own back with.

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