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It’s Good Friday which means no school for either of my kiddos! I’m excited to spend the day with friends and having a little mommy get together. In the spring I tend to have times of reflection and renewal. This year is no different, as I have been starting to clean up and reorganize my house I also have been thinking about how my life has changed over the past year. I have an amazing group of friends that inspire me and cheer me on daily. Thanks to all of you who have made this last year so completely incredible. Ok ok I’m done with all my gushy stuff… on to the sales!



Fit Tips: tank tts, M // Skirt tts I could have gotten a M the waist was a little loose // shoes tts

This week I showed you this new sport skirt and OMG I’m in love! My friend Samantha wears them all the time and I thought well I need to try some of those. With underskirt bike shorts, lightweight material and stretch now I know the secret. This listing on Amazon has 2 styles of skirts one with a front tie and one without I got both styles and they fit the same.

Dress | Shoes | Clutch | Earrings

Fit Tips: Dress size up, L // Heels tts

Holy cow y’all really like a pink dress, I mean I don’t blame you seeing that this Amazon version is lined in the back so less bumps. Ruched in the front to help disguise that mama belly I got and come the pink is awesome (although it does come in other colors) When I posted this it went immediately to the #1 product sold this month!

Jacket | Dress | Bag | Flip Flops Earrings | Sunglasses 

Fit Tips: Dress size up if larger chested, Large // Jacket tts but check size guide I’m in a L // Flip Flops tts

This week I also shared with you my Easter dress, this flows maxi dress is lined, has pockets and is sleeveless just in case it really is 80 degrees while hunting for eggs.

Gibson Garden Collection launching 4/23

The newest collection from Gibson is launching on Tuesday and I am so excited that I am going to give away my favorite piece to one lucky email subscriber. Details will come out next week but you must be on my email list to be able to win so sign up here if you haven’t yet!



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