Self Tanning: Tips For The Best At Home Glow

In the past few weeks I’ve been getting more and more questions about my tan legs in pictures. So first THANKS but I figured it would be a good time to let you in on my secret… self tanner!

For a few years I used a foam self tanner that I loved but it was getting harder and harder to find since it’s a brand from Australia. When Amazon shipping started to massively slow down I knew I was going to have to find something new.

I heard amazing things about Isle of Paradise self tanning drops and since you can adjust the shade of tan based on the light, med or dark AND the amount that you use each time I thought ok that’s got to be pretty fool proof!

Here are my steps to the prefect tan.

Isle of Paradise self tanning drops


Obviously with any self tanning session skin prep is going to make a BIG difference in how well your tan applies. I always shower, shave and exfoliate before I apply the drops.

The Colleen Rothschild Creamy Body Oil Wash is thick enough for me to use with my Billie razor to shave. I also will use my brush to go over my knees and ankles to slough off any dry areas.

Tahitian Monoi Creamy Oil Body Wash | Tahitian Monoi Body Butter | Body Brush | Bath Mat


Now this is probably one of the hardest steps because how light/ dark/ natural this tanner looks will depend on your skin tone and the shade you desire. I picked up the DARK tanning drops because I tan easily and wanted a darker tan. Also at the time Sephora was out of medium but it has finally RESTOCKED so if you have been waiting for that one grab it now!

I use 4 drops mixed with the Colleen Rothschild Body Butter for each leg. I use this body butter because it is thick and allows for easy and even coverage. Also this has an amazing vacation smell and so I’ve never smelled any “tan” smell. I prefer to use less drops and use this more frequently than go too dark the first time and fear streaks.

When I apply on my face I use 2 drops mixed with my Extreme Recovery Cream at night. I wake up with a great glow, not too tan but just enough!


Previously with the foam self tanner I always used a mitt but with the drops I really don’t need to. Since I’m using a thick lotion that spreads well I just wash my hands immediately after applying. I will mention though that the drops are potent! I accidentally got a few on my fingers after taking the above pic and the next day I had a few spots that were stained! So make sure that you are carefully closing the bottle.

The other question question I get all the time is “Does it transfer to sheets or clothing?” We have white sheets and towels and with other self tanners (including spray tan) I would see some light residue on my sheets and towels. With the drops I have seen NOTHING! I’m can’t say if it’s because it’s lighter application but more frequent or it just doesn’t rub off but either way I love it!


Recently I was finally able to get out and head back to my local spray tan location. I have LOVED getting this done but part of it lasting and looking good for over a week is the at home care. This tan extender I picked up at my local store but I found it online here. It keeps my skin moisturized and it has a slight self tanner built in to just help maintain that spray tan so make SURE wash your hands after applying.

I rub all over then stay naked until it’s dry (typically I’ll dry my hair or do makeup) and then get dressed when I no longer have that “tacky” feeling.

Norvell Ultra Vivid Color Collection BOOST Color Building Tan Extender

I hope this helps you get ready for summer and feel great with a tan without harming your skin!


Professional Images by Audrie Dollins

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