Spring Break Vacation Capsule: 20 outfits packed in a carry-on

Spring break is just a few weeks away and as much as I would love to say that we are headed someplace tropical to dip my toes in the pool we will instead be knee deep in mud at a Spartan Race. Although so many of you have mentioned needing some help on getting packed for a week long get-away that I’m rounding up all my staples for a warm weather spring break trip.

Since I am now on the kick of packing as thoughtfully (and light) as possible all these items will fit in a carry-on bag. Keep in mind I typically pack my toiletries, makeup and laptop in this bag.


Click the picture to see how it all packs

4 Tops (typically 2 nice and 2 jersey material)

2 Jackets (1 denim, 1 white)

3 Dresses (1 Maxi, 1 Jersey, 1 doubles as coverup)

4 Bottoms (1 denim shorts, 1 white jeans, 1 skort, 1 pollen short)

Shoes (1 flip flop for pool, 1 dressy sandal, wedges, sneakers)

Swimsuits & Coverups (4-5)

Accessories/ Other Items


White Jacket | Black V- Neck Top |Denim Shorts | Miller Sandals | Red Lace Top | Blue Embroidered Top

Maxi Dress | Denim Jacket | Wedges | Hat | Miller Sandals

White Jeans| Miller Sandals | Red Lace Top |Black V Neck Top| Blue Embroidered Top | Wedges | Similar Crossbody | Hat

Tunic Dress | Wedges |Miller Sandals

Black Active Skort| Miller Sandals | Red Lace Top |Black V Neck Top| Stripe tank | Wedges | Hat | Sneakers

Denim Jacket | Stripe tank | White Jeans |Sneakers |Hat | Denim Shorts

Denim Jacket | Black V- Neck Top |Red pull-on shorts| Miller Sandals | Red Lace Top |Wedges | Blue Embroidered Top

Red Jersey Dress | Wedges | Denim Jacket |Sneakers



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